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Teenaged Fitness - Eagle's

Our goal is to help our young Vernon community become physically healthy and mentally confident young adults.


Eagle's Program (ages 13-18)

In the Forge Valley Fitness 'Eagles' Program (Teens Fitness), we teach proper body mechanics to move safely and efficiently in any physical activity or sport of choice.  They develop the skills and foundations to feel confident and strong in their movement and coordination allowing them to excel in their respective activities and sports.

This program is designed for both non-athletes and athletes alike to learn proper skill development utilizing a broad range of exercises and movements including agility, coordination, jumping, running, body weight exercises, basic resistance training and introductory weightlifting techniques.  We combine these skills in an environment of community, accountability, teamwork and responsibility to develop self-confidence and positive attitude toward challenges earning accomplishment among hard tasks. It’s important for us to pair fitness and fun to develop a lifelong love for exercise for the kids.

  • Schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:30pm.  

Below are the terms of which the program runs:

  • Winter Term 2020 - January 6th - March 13th (10 weeks) - $315+GST

  • Spring Term 2020 - March 30th - June 24th (13 weeks) - $375+GST

  • Summer Term 2020 - July 6th - August 28th - (8 weeks) - $250+GST

Entry to the program starts with 5 Private Fundamental Training Sessions to learn correct, safe and consistent movement patterns.  These sessions are mandatory for each student to complete prior to joining classes in the Eagle's Program (and are scheduled outside of the above times). The cost for the 5 Private Fundamental Sessions is $300+GST.

Our intake of new students is always open and they may start their fundamentals and join the program at any time after completing their private sessions.

Click the button below if you have questions or to book your Private Fundamentals Sessions with Coach Terrence.


Youth Fitness - Falcon's

Our goal is to help develop the young Vernon community to become physically and mentally healthy.


Have you heard about our two Falcons Program?

The Forge Valley Fitness Falcons 'Pre-Teen' Program (Ages 9-12 years old) program has been designed for the pre-teens to learn development of the more intricate movements from weightlifting, gymnastics and other varied movements to prepare for sports and other seasonal activities. Your kids will learn proper body mechanics and skills that will prepare your kids for life long habits that will carry on to adulthood.

  • Program Term: January 14th to February 20th

  • Program will run: Tuesday's and Thursday's 3:30pm - 4:15pm

  • Cost: 6 weeks for $150 + GST

The Forge Valley Fitness Falcons 'Teenies' Program (Ages 6-8 years old) program is designed for the kids who are looking for more FUN! Not only will your kids have fun but they will learn proper body mechanics and skills to prepare your kid to move their body safely around the playground, out in nature and during sports.

  • Program Term: January 15th to February 19th

  • Program will run: Wednesdays 3:30pm - 4:00pm

  • Cost: 6 weeks for $60 + GST 

Please click the button or call 604-313-9489 with questions or to secure your spot.