Youth Programs


Eagles Program (13-18 years old)

The Forge Valley Eagles Program is a group training class where teenagers learn proper technique, build strength and improve their fitness while socializing with likeminded individuals.

Within this program; we focus on teaching proper body mechanics to move safely and efficiently in any physical activity or sport of choice.  Developing the skills and foundations to feel confident and strong in their movement and coordination allowing them to excel in their respective activities and sports.  Not to mention maintaining structured physical activity so they are ready to get back to all of the activities and sports they love when the time comes.

Our program is designed for both athletes and non-athletes alike to learn proper athletic development utilizing a broad range of skills and movements including jumping, handstands, running, weight lifting and body weight exercises.  We combine it all in a way to keep our students engaged and entertained while teaching proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation. It’s important for us to pair fitness and fun to develop a lifelong love for health and fitness for the child.

Entry to the program starts with a Phone Call to ensure the program is a proper fit for your teenager.  

The next step is a series of 8 individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions to teach the fundamental exercises and ensure correct, safe and consistent movement patterns before joining the group environment.

Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:30pm

Contact Coach Terrence to enroll in our program or if you have questions.


PLAY Program (8-12 years old)

We believe that health and fitness should be fun and effective. So we developed PLAY, our program for young athletes to build a solid fitness foundation.

This program promotes proper movement patterns, agility, coordination, strength and athletic skill. We utilize free weights, gymnastic and conditioning equipment in our classes to provide fun and effective means for exercise. 

Enrol your 8-12 year old and watch them develop a passion for movement.

Contact Coach Alex for the next cycle starting November 16th.