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Why Forge Valley Fitness Is More Expensive Than The Gym Down The Street

Many people arrive at our door and are floored that people spend upward of $165 each month to train with us. 


“That’s so expensive!” they say.


$165, $195 or $275 a month sounds like a lot money to spend on a gym membership, BUT it’s only because generally these individuals’ only basis for comparison is the big box gym or community center they’ve been going to for years, which has them paying $10 bi-weekly.


I have a friend that used to work at a big box gym. The whole premise of their business model was to get more, more, more people in each month. There were targets and bonuses when they signed up enough new members, which is the only thing that motivated them to make cold calls and stand outside of grocery stores pushing themselves on strangers (awkward, uncomfortable and a bit shady at the best of times). 


Interestingly enough, there were never any incentives to KEEP PEOPLE COMING to the gym.


Here’s why: The gym he worked for, which has more than 300 gyms across North America, didn’t really care if current members showed up.   Whether members actually got healthy and fit really didn’t matter to them. They took their chances that current members wouldn’t bother to cancel their memberships even if they weren’t using the gym because most people hardly notice $20, $30 or $40 trickling out of their bank accounts each month. 


I had asked a couple members at this gym why they hadn’t cancelled their membership cause I knew they hadn't been in six months. They said they were scared to.   If they cancelled and re-joined later that wouldn’t get the great promotional $10 bi-weekly deal they got when they signed up two years ago. So they’d take their chances on continuing to pay a bit of money now in order to save money if and when they ever resurfaced, they explained.


This is the truth: Most large gyms actually HOPE their members DO NOT show up! If every member showed up even just once a week, the gym wouldn’t be able to accommodate the sheer volume of people.


This is NOT what we’re trying to do at Forge Valley Fitness


In fact, our coaches are incentivized to keep their clients around—to keep their clients seeing results. Sure, we’re happy to pick up new members, but our ultimate goal is to get all of our current members showing up each week and actually seeing fitness gains for years to come.


We do this by...


Personal Coach:

 Each of our clients has a coach for life to look after him/her, to hold him accountable, and to provide coaching, feedback, mentorship, nutrition advice. If you stop coming, you better believe you will hear from your coach.


One-on-One personal training:

 All of our clients go through varying degrees of personal training, depending on their goals, needs and injury history. This means you’re never left to guess what you SHOULD be doing at the gym, and it means that your gym routine will grow as you do, so you can keep moving forward.



 Our combination of personal training, individual programming, group classes and other specialty classes means you WILL see results, and at the end of the day people who are seeing results stick around for more results.


More than a workout:

 How many people’s names do you know at the community centre you’ve been going to? Do you socialize with them outside the gym? With us, you will make friends at the gym to sweat with, laugh with, cry with… You might start out coming because of the workouts and the desire to get fit, but what will keep you here is the supportive community of friends you will become a part of.


Do we still sound so expensive, or could it be that you were comparing apples to oranges all this time?   What's your health worth to you?

Coach Tshaun.