Wes Fitzimmons

For Wes, exercising with mixed modal functional training has helped his snowboarding injury.  In January of 2016, Wes took a fall on his snowboard and twisted his knee quite severely.


Wes' story

It’s that time of the week again and today we’re taking a look at the transformation of mountain bike enthusiast Wes Fitzsimmons.

He works in the hospital as many of our members do, and enjoys most of his free time outside with his dog Sam, usually shredding through the local mountain bike trails of Ellison, Kal Park, and Sovereign Lake.  He is also an avid snowboarder in the winter time but suffered a rough crash this past season - more on that below.  Now although we are focusing on how Wes has changed and improved, there is one fact that hasn't changed - His love for BACON! As you can see in this Pre-CrossFit photo from 2013 in his bacon-socks.

Wes started training at CrossFit North Okanagan in April of 2014.  The appeal that brought him to join our program was that his exercise routine was not providing him results as well as finding a lack of motivation and interest in executing his ‘routine.’ Although Wes is a very dedicated individual getting the results he was looking for while maintaining motivation was difficult but that has since changed since joining us.  He is now consistently getting stronger and more proficient in his movements as well as his flexibility and endurance which are all great benefactors for his mountain bike riding and general health.

The most important thing about Wes which I would like to share is how exercising with mixed modal functional training has helped his snowboarding injury.  In January of 2016, Wes took a fall on his snowboard and twisted his knee quite severely.  Unfortunately, his knee has already been exposed to a previous injury many years ago resulting in an ACL Reconstruction and several Orthopaedic Scope operations.  Needless to sa,y this was a huge bummer!

Fortunately for Wes, we work very closely with every one of our members and help them work around and rehabilitate their injuries.  After acute injury, some strict rest was needed, but as soon as he was able he was back in the gym with a list of movement modifications and substitutions allowing the healing process to continue.  This allowed Wes to still be a part of the group classes and enjoy the workouts with everyone else.  At this point, we were both certain that Wes was going to require another invasive surgery again on this knee.  No matter the future we took the proper precautions and Wes was diligent with his movement restrictions and modifications not pushing his limits too far and he never re-injured or aggravated his knee. He also successfully improved his range of motion and strength in his knee along with some prescribed exercises from his doctor and physiotherapist.  

In the spring and summer he had meetings with his surgeon about his options.  In his latest meeting he brought back to me great news that he was actually no longer a candidate for surgery anymore because of the progress that had been made in restoring his range of motion and creating stability in his knee.  We couldn't be happier!


Here is Wes performing a full range of motion Pistol Squat!

Apart from not needing another surgery on his knee, Wes’s favourite things about CFNO are having the context settings for each workout every day (especially the Competition context!), the programming we offer which includes a different Strength Focus in 6 week blocks which provides a goal based target to challenge himself, and most importantly he enjoys seeing everyone around him improve and succeed.


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