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Viv Crow

Coach for Life

Exploring and pushing beyond my limits is why I do what I do. I’ve never been confined by expectations, I push past stereotypes and love to prove people wrong.

As a child I was a competitive swimmer and gymnast in South Africa.

After immigrating to Canada at 19, I studies plastics engineering and landed a job. After I had my 1st child I was looking for a new challenge and took up triathlon training. While I loved it, I trained poorly which brought on a host of injuries and I was forced to stop racing. I focused on my career and family. On the surface my life looked like a success but in actual fact, I was in a soul-destroying job that was slowly killing me.

My day looked like this: sit at work all day, then go home to drink wine in a desperate attempt to numb the monotony that I’d just have to do it all over again tomorrow, and quite possibly for the rest of my life. I was spiraling into a depression and dependency was controlling my life.

I was no longer the athlete I once was and I needed  a way to fix myself - to get back to feeling like me again.

Taking an engineering implementation approach, I applied those tactics to my life.

Asking the right set of questions led me to finding answers I’d lost along the way. The answer I found was I liked to have my ass kicked and that nothing makes me happier than being physically beat.

So I got myself back into a healthy routine,started tracking my progress, implementing attainable change and managing the negativity around me.

The result? I quit my job after I had my 2nd child and took the opportunity to get re-educated. I spent a few years coaching kids gymnastics , and adult and seniors fitness classes, but it all came together when I discovered functional fitness. After all of these sports, I realized that this is the most effective, efficient  and healthful way to train and I knew I had to learn how to do it. Also, my body had healed enough that I could still race triathlons and be injury-free because I’m now using functional fitness as the foundation for my training, and I`m faster than ever. I PR`d my 10 km run time last year by 5 Minutes!

My kids have a better role model, my spouse has a better partner and I am content and optimistic. I have a good life!

I choose to coach because I want to help people overcome their perceived physical/emotional and mental limitations and give them the tools to THRIVE.

I don’t judge. You are where you are, my job is to give you the tools to be better at fitness and life. I help you set realistic goals, and then we go ahead and achieve them.

I am looking forward to taking on a greater roll in the afternoon class schedule!



  • CrossFit Level 1
  • NCCP Cycling, Gymnastics and Fundamental Movement Skills Coach
  • Brand X Method kids Coach
  • Madlab Movement Method Coach
  • BCRPA Fitness Theory, Weight Training, Group Fitness & Aquafit Instructor


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