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Two Wins for Animal Fat this Week!

Two big studies this week claim bold, maybe even somewhat unexpected, findings:


  1. Feed your infants pureed pork (or other pureed meats)


  1. Oily fish helps stave off menopause


Pureed Pork! Mmmmmm??

Getting meat into children, let alone young babies transitioning to solid foods, can be difficult, but new research from the University of Colorado that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this month says it’s important for infants to be fed animal protein at an early age.


This study suggests meat-fed infants have an advantage when it comes to all-important body and limb length growth.


Read the whole study here: (


Puree-ing meat, such as pork or beef, is the easiest way to get more protein into babies—that’s how they fed the infants in the study—making the transition to solid foods a little easier. Those infants who were fed this way were nearly an inch longer at 12 months old, compared to those who weren’t fed meat, and with no increased risk of being overweight, the research showed.


Further, the researchers claim that feeding babies meat at a young age might also help their ability to absorb iron and zinc.


This isn’t the only study that suggests infants should be eating animal protein: The World Health Organization (WHO) also stresses this point. Specifically, the WHO recommends infants consume meat, poultry, fish or eggs daily.


Delay Menopause with Oily Fish!


As for the menopause study, it was published in the BMJ Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health and claims that women who eat oily fish (approximately 90 grams day) delay menopause by 3.3 years (on average) than those who do not (They also said legumes, such as beans and peas also delay menopause, but to a lesser degree than oily fish).


Read the full study here: (


The study involved more than 14,000 women between the ages of 40 and 65. Not only did they discover that oily fish delays menopause, they also found other foods like pasta and rice bring menopause on earlier. Specifically, 1.8 years earlier! The average woman reaches menopause at 51 years old, so this means oily fish-eating might get you there at 54, while pounding pasta and rice could bring those hot flashes on at 49!


If you’re a woman, it might be worth considering. I mean, you might as well try to delay those burning hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, thinning hair, dry skin etc…. by 3.3 years if you can, no?


Last thing: What is “oily fish” exactly?


Oily fish includes salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna and sardines, to name a few—essentially fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (which has also been proven to be good for heart health, reducing inflammation, lowering the chances of dementia, arthritis, breast cancer, and helping promote recovery).


The point is: Eat your fish, ladies! And puree up some pork for that toddler of yours while you’re at it.