Trishauna Schneider

Coach for Life


About Trishauna Schneider

Never in a million years did I think I had it in me to be “into fitness”, let alone be a successful coach.

I’ve struggled with obesity all my life, and at my heaviest I weighed 240lbs. Through the years, I’ve tried every diet on the shelf, but nothing ever worked.  It was very discouraging, to say the least.

When I lost my job,  I decided it was finally time to focus on myself and get healthy once and for all.  I had no more excuses.

I joined an outdoor bootcamp and committed myself to an 8-week challenge. Yes - I was terrified of failing, but also realized I deserved to dedicate time to get myself on the right path to being fit for life.

Results don’t lie, and when I lost 28lbs as a result of my hard work and dedication to the challenge, I was hooked, and needed to shop for new clothes!

It felt like for the first time, I was finally able to see and feel the results I’d been trying to achieve. I got addicted to the feeling, stuck with the workouts and meal plans, and the weight kept falling off me.

My fitness was at an all-time high and I began to crave the feeling so much that I became an instructor myself. I was passionate to share everything I learned, and help people who were just like me achieve their goals. I know and understand the struggles of starting a journey such as mine.  

With a strong passion for working in fitness, I decided to take the next step and I joined Forge Valley Fitness.

Starting here in March 2013 brought my dedication to fitness to the next level. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the underlying community culture. It gave me new challenges that made me feel proud and confident.

After my first few months at Forge Valley Fitness, I was finally able to push past my plateau and achieve my final weight loss goal.

To date, I’m incredibly proud to say I’ve progressively lost 100lbs and am thrilled to help others on their own journey. 

I really enjoy coaching my awesome morning classes and peeps!


Trishauna's certifications

  • CrossFit -L1

  • CrossFit -L2

  • CrossFit Kettlebells

  • Crossfit Rowing

  • NCCP Olympic Weight Lifting Cert

  • Madlab Movement Method Certification.


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