Trevor Carpenter


I coach and train at Forge Valley Fitness using Crossfit methodology. Most recently I have rekindled my passion for Powerlifting.


Trevor's story

“If I can grip it, I will lift it.”

My father's words resonate with me. I can hear them in my head even now. This time we were clearing stones from our yard. So, so strong.

I knew then I never wanted to be small and weak.

Thus I began my quest for old man strength.

But at 5’5” it appeared that the cards were stacked against me doomed to a life of a 135lb weakling.

Of course, that would never do and I knew that being short was one thing but being small and weak, well that was quite another. With that in mind, I began my journey to be strong. Flying in the face of the convention of ‘getting ripped’, ‘shredded’ or whatever else the fitness rags were pedaling I began getting bigger.

Intellectually I knew that I would need to put on weight and that I would be unable to meet or conform to some global ideal of what a ‘fit’ person should look like. This would vex me for some time; I would have to leave that flawed thinking behind. To that end, I have not laid eyes on my ideal body weight since I was 24. I have, in fact, been ‘morbidly obese’ since then.

I no longer care.

Most recently I have rekindled my passion for Powerlifting. What drew me to Crossfit and finally Powerlifting was that I did not need to be ripped or my ideal weight for my height. I could just be strong as fuck! That’s it. Strong as fuck!

Now, of course, strength need not come at the expense of the remaining 9 domains of fitness and Crossfit provides me with the manner and means to address Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy but what remains after that is the question, “how strong am I?” and to that I always answer,

“If I can grip it I will lift it.”


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Madlab Movement Method


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