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Transformation Tuesday

#TransformationTuesday This weeks spotlight will be focused on one of our most dedicated members - David Bissett. 27944828091_1748dc1068_h David is an activity enthusiast.  In the summer you'll find him spending his free time, which is a lot because he is retired, on his water skis or on the golf course.  In the winter he'll be found at Silver Star Ski Resort whether it's CrossCountry, Downhill or just Snowshoeing.  He is also accompanied by his just-as-active wife Cate. David has done many things to be successful, whether that was earning his way through University, becoming a sought after financial securities agent, creating and selling his own chocolate company (Which I'm still waiting on some chocolate samples...) or slugging his way through the Olympics on the Men's Field Hockey team.  He has more determination and discipline than I think I have ever seen in anyone. 27206135300_1e88450151_o When I arrived to start coaching at this gym, David immediately wanted to have me as his coach to fine tune and improve his gymnastics skills, ultimately refining his muscle up.  Over the winter and spring David had been super occupied with vacation trips, travelling and visiting family.  But this did not stop him from sticking to his gymnastics set of exercises.  He is a prime example that listening to your coach and following a set out plan works!  When he finally got settled back in town for the summer we scheduled a Personal Training session to assess where he was at with his gymnastics.  I was blown away to say the least.  He had gone from struggling to get 1 chest-to-bar pull up, to now being able to do 5 in a row.  He went from flailing legs on Muscle-Up attempts, to a strict L-Sit Muscle Up.  He also set a new PR in his Snatch because of all of the mobility and stretching drills he had been following. Click here for a video of one of David's Muscle-Ups.  They only got better after this one. Keep up your great work David, you're always pleasure to work with.  Looking forward to see where you'll be in another year! Coach Terrence