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Transformation Tuesday- Tierney Barker

I'd like to turn our attention on one of our tiny but oh is she ever mighty athletes, Tierney Barker.   Tierney has been a member of our gym since August of 2014.  A big influence that turned Tierney onto the CrossFit method was actually her dad, Brent Barker who is also a member.   He had told Tierney so many great things about it so she just had to try it out. Having been so different from her past experiences in a gym Tierney loved the challenge it presented and was hooked.
I had asked her what exactly she loved about it and she responded with...  I continue to do it because I see results I've never seen before. I've learned movements and skills that I hadn't even considered as part of a "workout" routine. Without the coaching I wouldn't have the confidence to be weightlifting.   Before i joined I only played soccer and did some cardio at the gym but weightlifting and gymnastics seemed foreign; now I have the confidence and skill set to do any functional movement!  
Tierney also expressed a huge sense of community which is very welcoming and comforting and in her words...  
" I like being a member at CrossFit North Okanagan because whenever I come in I feel welcomed and I feel I'm walking into a "family" in some senses. The community of people we have is amazing and so supportive. I also enjoy getting to work out next to my dad and mom and know we're accomplishing something together." 
 Tierney is an elementary school teacher who has just landed herself a full time position for the year teaching grade 2 and 3.  She has her hands full dealing with 24 children everyday.  She says the stress can add up and working out helps maintain balance in the day.  Outside of the gym Tierney spends time with friends and family, she snowboards in the winter and play's soccer all year round.  Her most relaxing past time is being on the water and at the beach. 
I asked her to think back and recollect a memory or two to share and this is what she said....
" My greatest memories so far would be competing in the CrossFit Open for the last couple years, getting to compete in the Okanagan Valley Throwdown on a team with my dad and loving it!! Also certain Personal records like my first 200lb deadlift, or when I got my first muscle up! (That was super exciting).  Playing soccer for the first time this year since high school I didn't feel winded or tired after running for 5 minutes which was a great feeling.
Many of my personal records stick out because CFNO does such a great job of recognizing it's members. "
Tierney has made some significant gains since I've become her coach and the biggest I believe is her confidence.  No denying her petite frame,  she is now starting to believe in her strength and ability level.
I'm proud to see that confidence shine through.   Congratulations Tierney and I look forward to the goals ahead!
 Coach Tshaun