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Transformation Tuesday - Sabina Eschbach

This week I would like to shine our spotlight on, and show the journey of another longtime member, Sabina Eschbach. Sabina is a Dental Hygienist by career but an outdoors enthusiast at heart.  Almost every weekend, and in any spare time, you can find her and her husband riding their bikes, hiking a mountain or paddle boarding across the lake.


Now being a part of our family at CrossFit North Okanagan for nearly 4 years, her overall strength has greatly improved - especially for her upper body.  Using functional training she feels educated on how to move her body while at the gym and more importantly during her other activities.  This leads her to feel much more confident in trying new things! “My strength and endurance for mountain biking and road biking has improved, the ability to power up steep climbs without getting too fatigued, and my recovery time is quicker. “ I know this to be true as she can even power up some hills and pull way in front of me on the trails!


One aspect of being ‘Fit for Life’ is always being prepared for anything.  That means when your seasonal sport ends, you should still maintain activity so you don’t have to be worried about the next year of your sport - especially as we are getting older.  

“For running and skiing, I don't need to "rebuild" those muscles when the new season starts...I can get back into it much quicker. “ One of the remarks I never get tired of hearing is how our members can just go and do things without worrying about it - like lifting large odd-shaped objects over head down a trail. “In daily life, just having the ability to lift and carry stuff without worrying too lifting our 30 pound, 12’6” paddle boards onto our truck and then carrying it down a trail over my head.”  

But one of the most important values Sabina has relates to the very high injury rate with the back and shoulders of the Dental Industry - always seated and leaning over on one side for hours on end on a daily basis.  Having a gym full of knowledgeable trainers helps her counteract all those hours in a poor position and which stretches to be doing throughout each day.  

I will finish this post with some great words from Sabina, “My favourite thing about CFNO - #1 -  The people.  Just having that daily positive influence in my life and being surrounded by supportive, happy people.  With so much negativity in the world and stress that we endure on daily basis.; A place that a person can go without, gossip, drama, and mean people is awesome!”  

Great work Sabina, see you on the trails!

-Coach Terrence