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Transformation Tuesday - Matt Olson

Transformation Tuesday - Matt Olson

Matt Olson

Today we are going to take a look at positive changes and transformation from one of our very first members at CrossFit North Okanagan, Matt Olson



I have had the pleasure of coaching and working with Matt for over 18 months now, but he has been at CFNO for over 4 years starting in the very first Fundamentals Program to learn the basics of functional movement training.  He started training with the CrossFit training methodology because he was bored of a regular gym and needed something that would keep him interested in getting fitter and staying fit.  

A large reason for being as fit as he can is his career - full-time firefighter.  Although that is his main reason he’s found that exercising, especially in the positive and motivating environment, becomes a stress reliever of whatever his day or week has consisted of.  This has become Matt’s favourite part of CFNO along with the constant variety of workouts keeping things from going stale and boring.  The friendships that Matt has made at the gym are unforgettable and also keep his motivation during tough workouts so he can try and out-perform James and Noah.  No matter how crappy of a day he’s had, coming to CrossFit North Okanagan for a workout always leaves him with a positive feeling.

Having been a part of this community for over 4 years Matt has made a lot of changes.  He has three that make the biggest difference in his life, starting with his outlook of being fit and living a healthy lifestyle which has drastically changed for the better.  He has become so much stronger both mentally and physically, being able to remain focused while uncomfortable in workouts which translates very well into his job and generally life as well.  Speaking of getting stronger, he’s put on over 20lbs of muscle since starting, allowing him to be better at everything he does, whether it’s his firefighting, construction, baseball(which he’s setting records for his home runs)and everything in his everyday life.

And to finish it off in Matt’s words, “I was tired of being the tall skinny guy.”

You’re an inspiration to many of us Matt, keep up your hard work and dedication!

Coach Terrence