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Transformation Tuesday Jessica Bockus

#TransformationTuesday This weeks transformed Athlete is Jessica Bockus.  She's hard to miss at the gym because there's always a smile on her face broadcasting her positive attitude. She started training with us over 1 year ago and has made huge strides, even with changing jobs and moving cities ending up back in Vernon.  A big focus we have is to minimize forces on the knee while keeping proper joint health.  It is obviously working because one of the best things about Jessica is how much she adventures and enjoys this beautiful place that we live.  You know, using her fitness! Isn't that what his whole working out thing is about, to be able to do anything we want?  Take notes boys and girls. It seems almost every weekend, sometimes during the week, there are beautiful snapshots of crisp mountains, green forests and glass lakes across her social media accounts.  Enough to make me a little jealous sometimes... Anyways, keep being awesome Jessica! We love having you around the gym. Coach Terrence IMG_914113585046_10157061281050640_9125696053952169521_o