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Transformation Tuesday- James Scott

The holidays are nearing, but there’s still transformations happening and continuing here at Forge Valley Fitness. We’re taking a look this week at what keeps resident ‘Fire Breather’ James Scott coming in day after day.


James has been training with us at Forge for nearly four years now. “I became bored with going to a "traditional gym" and wanted to shift my training from strictly weightlifting to something more functional as I was starting to develop some lower back issues,” says James. He also liked the idea of starting somewhat of a new sport and having to learn new movements and different techniques such as gymnastics and Olympic Lifting (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). He was also seeing some of his co-workers on this new program with great results and he wanted in on whatever they were doing.


The changes that James has made are three of the most important things that we wish to help every one of our members achieve. First, James has become much more aware about his nutrition and what he is putting in his body and how that affects his energy, performance and mood. He has participated with our gym in the Whole Life Challenge twice now and will be doing his third this January. The Whole Life Challenge is a fun contest to help improve your nutrition, activity and lifestyle and make them all work together. The biggest standalone difference here is the subtraction of dairy, sugar and wheat/gluten products which have helped improve his fitness and energy levels. Second, Forge Valley Fitness has helped James get into the best shape of his life (says his wife!). Third, creating a sense of commitment to getting into the gym. This is something A LOT of us struggle with. James has a busy family like most so getting in to workout isn’t always easy but he finds a way to make it work. He consistently commits to attending 4 days per week, even when his work schedule forces a 6AM workout session.


James’s most favourite movement is a Muscle-Up of any kind. He finds there is still lots to learn but is always up to the challenge. He least favourite is the One-Arm Overhead Squat, “So awkward!” he says.


We’ll finish with James’s 3 favourite things about being a part of Forge Valley Fitness.


1) A great sense of community, have made lots of great friends since I have started

2) A positive training atmosphere both from the coaches and other members which makes it fun to come in and train

3) Subtle competition between your friends that serves as motivation to get better



Keep up the great work James!!


Coach Terrence