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Transformation Tuesday April Sanders

Our transformation Tuesday athlete this week is Dr. April Sanders!  April came to Forge Valley Fitness in January 2015.   As April's coach I feel she is a huge inspiration to us all and here is only a small taste of why.
April has been married for 35 years, she has 2 children ages 25 and 29 and has been a doctor for 31 years.
April is extremely active outside of the office.  She's a die hard runner, but also enjoys cross country/downhill skiing, mountaineering, painting and writing.
I asked April why she wanted to start implementing functional fitness as part of her already busy and active lifestyle, because clearly she was already a fit woman. This is what she had to say:
"My endurance was pretty good but my upper body strength was almost non existent. I have terrible ROM (range of motion) due to a bilateral shoulder reconstruction and failed wrist surgery that has left me with little ROM in both areas. My balance isn’t the best as I have lost a toe due to frostbite on a climb.  I wanted to work on these weaknesses.
Mt Ventoux is one of the hardest climbs in the Tour de France. It is a 21.5 km climb with gradients up to 12%.  At 50 I made it up Ventoux after a year of training, but never was able to do it again. Twelve years later, at 62 years of age with 1 year of functional fitness training under my belt, I had an easy ride to the top of Ventoux.  I Couldn't be happier.''
(Her highest climb was Lobuche, Himalaya at 20,161)
 As April's coach I have seen such noticeable gains in her overall strength and an increase in mobility. I can remember when we first started her fundamentals, we were unsure if she would be able to hang on the pull up bar due to lack of mobility. We worked a lot on increasing range of motion with specific mobility exercises and now with great success she is on the bar in good form. She's put in the work and it's made a big difference in her performance.  She's a prime example of determination and strength when the world gives you lemons you make lemonade.
Congratulations April!  I'm so proud of you and believe you have found your prescription for a great life!
Your Coach.  Trishauna