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Transformation Tuesday - Don Schuster

I've had the pleasure of coaching Don for over a year and together we have made great strides in his level of fitness.  The first meeting and 1-on-1 session we had we assessed his goals; it was clear we had to make some not-so-physical changes to his performance to reach his goals.  

Although this can be tough for some athletes to cohere with, Don recognized the difference these changes could make and embraced it. The changes we're talking about is one of our main principles of 'Mechanics, then Consistency, then Intensity'.  With Don's goals related to lifting some heavier weights and more advanced movements in workouts, we had to shift to the basics to make sure we weren't missing anything.  A little hesitant at first to move back down the movement ladder, he was all ears as he felt the difference in several exercises.  With just a few cues, he shifted sides from "Why do I need a personal coach?" over to "How have I gone without a personal coach?"  This type of attitude is wonderful to work with.




Although Don's main reasons for being in the gym are simply health and wellness related, i.e.: living a great life!, It's great to have goals inside the gym as well.  With the focus of lifting heavier or more advanced movements in workouts, the focus of Don has shifted from getting stronger, to moving better and moving more consistently, particularly under fatigue.  The mental aspect has improved so much over the last year and consistently shows when we perform strength work as well as conditioning. Keep on chasing quality Don, and the intensity will follow.

-Coach Terrence