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Transformation Tuesday - David Nardi

A story a long time in the making now ready to share, let’s take a look at the big transformations David Nardi has implemented to improve his life.

David has now been training at CFNO for three years. His sons were taking some gymnastics classes across the street from our facility and he noticed the gym and was quite intrigued. After he spoke with our professional coaching team and saw inside the facility he said, “I liked the atmosphere right away and ended up signing up for Fundamentals about a month later.”

David had a number of reasons to get started with fitness again.  “I sit behind a desk for a large part of my day. I was right in the middle of my busy time of year when I inquired about the gym.  Usually that's the time of year where I spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving. I wanted to get into shape as soon as possible after my busy time of year. Crossfit looked like a fun way to do it. I was on the rowing team when I was at university. We used to train hard and row harder. I wanted to feel like I did when I was at university,” says David.  He has now definitely found his groove in fitness again and really enjoys his time at the gym. Although having a background in rowing, ‘cardio’ was a part of fitness that was missing, mostly because he disliked doing it by himself. “Having the cardio part integrated into the workouts has changed my attitude towards doing cardio. Now the cardio part is often my favourite part of the workout.”

While cardiovascular endurance is large part of fitness, Davids’ core strength was quite weak as he would tweak his back quite periodically and has now significantly improved and feels much stronger and more stable in his lower back.

On the flip side of health, David has completely revamped his diet and nutrition over the past year and a half.  It started with a standard annual physical check up with his doctor which revealed a shockingly low iron level.  That led to more tests which later revealed David had a Celiac Condition - an autoimmune disorder affecting primarily the small intestine triggered by a negative reaction to the protein gluten, most commonly found in wheat products.  Since finding out this information he has removed all forms and traces of gluten products and his health and energy have had a huge boost including normal Iron levels and gaining +10lbs of muscle.  The best part is that the muffins, cookies and donuts that sit in his office of work don’t even tempt him in the slightest as he knows the damaging effects.

But the best overall transformation with David is his mood and energy. As he says, “My general mood is much better at the end of the day.  Going to the gym at lunch gives me an excellent break both physically and mentally and I find that I am much more focused and can concentrate better in the afternoon when I take a break and go to the gym at lunch.  Knowing that I took some time to focus on myself and my own health during the day always makes me feel better at the end of the day.”

Congratulations on all of your transformations since being with us at CFNO and we look forward to continually improving.

Coach Terrence