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Transformation Tuesday Colleen Barker!

Our Crossfit North Okanagan Transformation Athlete this week is Colleen Barker.IMG_8388

Colleen Started her fundamentals program December of 2014.  It only took 4 years of encouragement from her family who all attend CFNO to come in and check us out…. A little dig there  :)   

Colleen is very passionate about golfing and for this reason she made the decision to work on building up her fitness level.


It was definitely an adjustment for the first while, feeling like a fish out of water.  The movements felt pretty foreign but within a short time she felt some noticeable changes.  Becoming more comfortable and confident Colleen is lifting more weight and making some great gains.  She’s put on muscle and dropped inches from her waist and is feeling great!  Her golf game has improved greatly and is getting noticed by her colleagues.  Hitting the ball farther than before and having more stamina on the course.

IMG_7660The thing Colleen enjoys most in the gym is the camaraderie in the group class environment.  Nobody finishes last as everyone jumps in to finish the workout with you. 

Congratulations Colleen on all you've worked hard for, keep it going!  Golf season has just begun.