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Transformation Tuesday Christina Van Soest

This week our Feature athlete is our little animal, Christina Van Soest. Christina is a TD mobile mortgage specialist.  She's been in the profession for over 17 years.   Christina is a wife and mother of 3 young adults 21,17,15.  All her kids attend CFNO also.  She has been married for 24 years now.  Congratulations Christina!

Hobbies outside the gym for Christina consist of Alpine Skiing in the winter and Water skiing, mountain biking in the summer.  Christina also love love loves spending time in her garden. I had asked Christina why she joined at Forge Valley Fitness and her response was "In the begining my family forced me into it…all they would talk about was their trips to the gym at dinner…. I noticed though that everyone was getting stronger more fit and really happy…so I bit the bullet and tried for myself…and have not looked back….and yes I now discuss my gym time at dinner too!"

Everything has been a gain for her.  Christina's first goal was to complete 10 burpees unbroken…She just keeps making small goals like that.   She keeps things in perspective, and for her this is a fitness program that is building her fitness level so she can continue to do the things outside the gym that make her happy.  And in her life time at the gym, if she never manages to do a muscle-up she's ok with that :) I asked Christina how incorporating functional fitness into her lifestyle affected her life outside the gym and this was what she expressed to me. ''It has changed everything from the obvious fitness improvements (my waterskiing/alpine skiing and mountain biking which has really improved) to the subtle mental health wellness.  I even have a better attitude at work. And the best improvement is that I can now garden for more than two hours at a time!''

Christina hands down loves the people, the coaches and the whole environment.  There is a fun factor that is hugely important to her. I have had the privilege of being Christina's coach now for about a year and the strengths I have seen and helped her develop are amazing to witness.  Her performance in the gym has been remarkable this past year.  She continues to make gains and pushes outside her comfort zone which is why she's getting the results she been looking for.  She surprises herself most times with her ability level. It's awesome to see her confidence level grow more and more. Your rockin it Christina, keep it up!  So proud to be your Coach.   Trishauna.