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Transformation Tuesday Lee Perkull

Today our feature spotlight lands on Lee Perkull.

Lee is a husband and father to 2 small boys.  He works full time for BC Hydro which keeps him busy traveling around the region.

He’s a regular 6am’er. Gets to the gym nice and early to get all his pre-warmup exercises done, he sets a great example to other members.  He’s been known to shoot a humorous dig at the morning coach from time to time. All in good fun of course. 


His ability and skill level in the gym is inspiring.  Lee is continually working on his gymnastics and lifting skills, making personal records happen every month!  He makes time after class to stretch out and improve his mobility so he stays in check and feeling good.


I asked Lee what was his initial reason for starting at the gym, and for him it began when he discovered he was going to become a father. Even though he was super active in dirt biking and hiking he wasn’t really getting the results he was wanting in regards to fitness and energy levels.  His wife Heather was going to a CrossFit gym in Invermere where they lived before coming to the Okanagan.  Her excitement and encouragement sparked Lee into trying it out and after a short while he started to see and feel the results he was looking for.  Lee started at CrossFit North Okanagan in July of 2014.  He was immediately sold on the facility when on his first day he was greeted by introductions and handshakes.

It’s extremely important for Lee to not only have the energy and strength to keep up to his kids from toddler to teenager, but also to set a healthy example. 


Since Lee has started training in functional fitness he has lost 30lbs and feels the best he’s ever felt. His confidence level not only in the gym but in social settings has made Lee more outgoing something he’s struggled with in the past.  He see’s positive changes in his career and with his family in social situations. 


Lee has had his fair share of hurtles he’s had to overcome. He’s learned to adjust the workouts till he feels confident enough to get back to the prescribed weights.  Trusted in the coaches to help him break through plateau’s and develop better technique.

I’m very proud of everything Lee has accomplished and he's always a pleasure to chat with in the morning.  It's never a dull moment.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you Lee!