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Transformation Tuesday Athlete Tracy Bell!


Today our transformation spotlight falls upon the wonderful Tracy Bell. You can always spot her with bright pink Nike shoes and a smile on her face.


She is always very humble and is much stronger than she gives herself credit for and has been finding that strength lately with some extra encouragement from her coach ;) Here she is throwing up a huge 20 pound PR at 123lbs on her Jerk! A little more refinement and that will be 133lbs in no time.

Apart from being humble she is a little bit different than others too. I'm sure you all have heard the term 'WOD-shopper'. If you haven't, it's when one looks at the workout posted for that day and bases their attendance on the program. The majority of people will avoid the nasty looking workouts, but not Tracy. Those 'sucky' looking WOD's are what brings her into the gym each day. I can still hear the words "I don't usually come three days in a row but this one looked gross and I didn't want to miss it."


We love your attitude and grind Tracy, keep up the hard work!


Terrence Limbert