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Transformation Tuesday Athlete Tomi Rahkola

Today our transformation blog highlights afternoon athlete Tomi Rahkola.  He may be quiet in class sometimes but he lets his actions speak much louder than his words. Tomi started training with us in November with health and weight loss as his priority.  He came in rip roaring ready to go on Day 1 and has never let up since.  One of his major contributing factors is having a clean and consistent meal plan and it's paying off huge.  You'll see him warming up in class repping out a few STRICT PULL UPS, the first time he did these in front of me I need a double-take; "Is that Tomi?!" I'll still never forget one or two weeks after he finished Fundamentals we had a Max Effort Front Squat.  I think the most he squatted before was around 155-175lbs.  On this day I believe he did 255x3!!  This guy never lets down for surprises. I think one thing we can learn from Tomi is real hard work.  He has goals for himself and he is focused on them every day he is here (and probably the ones he's not too).  He attends 3x a week and he gives it all he has on those 3 days, as we always say Quality > Quantity and Intensity > Volume.  He's only been in classes for 5 months and it's going to be incredible to see where he is after 1 year! January 2016 IMG_5902 May 2016 IMG_9226 Keep rippin' hard Tomi, always a pleasure to have in the gym!