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Transformation Tuesday Athlete Paul Colleran

Congratulations to our feature athlete Paul Colleran.  Paul has been a client of mine since July of 2014.    I've had the privilege of witnessing some awesome achievements as Paul's coach.
Paul has two boys and a fantastic wife who is also a member of our gym. He moved to the Okanagan 3 years ago from the Yukon to follow his dream job. Paul now works as a pilot flying a business jet for a local business man and true gentleman who owns several wineries around the Okanagan and multiple businesses worldwide.  Paul's two favourite passion are flying and wine, and because Paul has a great sense of humour he says of course never at the same time.  
He actually joined our mixed modul general physical preparedness program because his wife told him to. And it has turned out to be a fantastic addition to his life he tells me.  I asked Paul to tell us what was so fantastic about this program in his eyes.  He says:
 I never realized how much more you get out of a peer workout and personal instruction instead of working out in a regular gym.  The motivation factor was through the roof. I never realized before how little I was pushing myself at a regular gym. It was very easy to walk in, throw a few weights around, check my phone, hit the treadmill for a few minutes and then walk out again feeling proud . We I never really saw much change till joining Forge Valley Fitness
I found the CrossFit method as a way to counteract my lifestyle of great wine, restaurant food and late night microwaved hotdogs from 7-11. I found that after a hard work out I became more aware of what I was eating and began deciding those taquitos weren't worth the burpees required to counteract them. As I started making healthier choices, I somehow started losing weight. Which made me want to go to the gym more. Which made me think more about what I was eating.  
After two years, I may not be able to do double unders, but I am now doing chin-ups again for the first time since my twenties. I no longer drag my ass in the morning. Moving forward, I'm excited to know that if my sons want to out ski me or out bike me, they've got a long way to go and I'm not going to give it up easy. I'm feeling stronger now than I ever have, and in a few years when I turn 50 I plan to be stronger still. As a pilot, your licence is only as good as your last medical, and I have no plan on ever changing careers.  
I was maybe a little quiet when I first started at the gym, wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into. Now as I am seeing changes in myself, I also see the progress in those around me. I am excited to see the work everyone is putting  in and promise to cheer you all on. 
And to all the newcomers, I would say it gets easier, but then the coaches will just push you a bit more  :)
As Paul's coach Im excited to see what this year brings and to see new goals met.   Keep on it Paul, your killin it!
Coach Tshaun