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Transformation Tuesday Karen Watts

This week’s Transformation Tuesday athlete is Karen Watts.  Don’t let her petite frame fool you cause boy can she pack a punch.  Karen is one of our very first members.   A mom to two teenagers a job in itself, she also works as a canine obedience trainer and owns a pet boutique.



A big aspect that drew Karen to Forge Valley Fitness was it’s strong coaching abilities and the positive and comfortable atmosphere it provided.

The progress in cardio endurance and strength gains that have transpired since she first started are something Karen is most proud.  Karen has always been a very active individual so when she started to experience this new found fitness and the effect it was making on the activities outside of the gym she was ecstatic.   When Karen first started she was doing box jumps to three 45lb plates stacked to now using a 20’’ box, using a green band for strict pull-ups to now weighted strict pull-ups with a 25lb dumbbell, and doing snatches with the technique bar only to now having 55lbs on the bar.  Her confidence level has sky rocketed and Karen projects that to everyday life hurdles that she once thought to be impossible.

Karen has struggled with her fare share of injuries.  We've worked through them adjusting the movements and working on either specific mobility or focused strengthening. With her perseverance she has come back stronger and feeling even better after.



She loves going for hikes with her fur baby and was not afraid to get down and dirty in the Mud Sweat and Tears Obstacle race this year.

Such a pleasure to be your coach!  Congratulations Karen!  Keep it up girl  :)