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Transformation Tuesday- Anthony Ettlinger

Id like to turn our attention to this week’s Transformation Tuesday athlete Tony Ettlinger.  Tony has been with me for just over a year now doing personal training.   Tony is originally from the UK and just got his residency this year. Very exciting moment for him.  He is a father of 2 young men and a husband of another one of our members Leslie.   Tony spends as much time as he can skiing in the winter time.  His summer time activities consist of both peddle and motorbiking.  Last summer Tony managed to get out on paddle board and he quite enjoyed it.  He also enjoys going to the theatre to catch the most recent blockbusters. 

Since I’ve known him he has been non stop working on a massive renovation on their home.  A lot of manual labor helping the builders prep for whatever needs to be done.  On top of that there’s been a ton of landscaping work, picking weeds, loading cement, moving logs, mowing, raking. You name it, it’s been endless. 

Amongst all that and a busy schedule Tony comes in 3 days a week to spend time with me and work on mobility and building strength. 

In the beginning Tony struggled with his mobility.  It restricted a lot of his ability to perform certain movements to get the full range of motion.  We addressed and worked around this with modifications and mobility homework.  I can’t even stress how proud I am of Tony.  He has worked so so hard on gaining better range of motion with specific exercises. Tony has made huge gains in his ability level with the complex dynamic movements of weight lifting.   He has never given up, even when it felt pretty rough he pushed through. He has great determination and is such a hard worker, he inspires me.  


Tony has gained overall strength due to the fact he can move better with being more mobile.  He’s pushed through some big hurtles and gained a ton of confidence.   Although he may say differently because he’s very modest and a tad bit hard on himself.  But at the end of the day he acknowledges he’s worked hard and gave it his all. 

 We've built a great friendship and I really can’t say enough about Tony. There are just too many fantastic things.  I can’t wait for another year and write again of his accomplishments. 

I’m very honoured to have been and continue to be apart of his journey.  Looking forward to the future with you Tony!


Your Coach, Tshaun