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Transformation Tuesday Andrew Thompson

I'd like to turn the spotlight on this weeks athlete Andrew Thompson aka Homer.  Homer attends the 6am class and definitely brings a positive vibe to the crew.   I've had the pleasure of becoming Andrew's coach and getting to know more about him.  He has a story that I feel resonates to many of us, so I asked him if he'd like to share his struggles and successes.  This is what he had to say...

I have always struggled with my weight, and have seen some pretty serious yo-yo’s over the course of the past 15 years.

Finding a steady balance was something I fought with, until now.

6 years ago, while living in Williams Lake, I was tipping the scales at 230lbs, with a 36” waist, and very little muscle mass. I knew it was time to start doing something, so my wife and I started training for Sprint Triathlons. It was great to get moving, but I quickly became bored with the training required to prepare for 3 specific disciplines. When we moved to Vernon, I was introduced to the idea of CrossFit. I knew nothing about it, and decided to give it a shot.

Since the move from Williams Lake and getting my body moving again, I have lost close to 30 pounds. The repeated thrashings (in a good way) from my coach, Garth and Crew, along with some healthy eating advice, have developed some noticeable muscle mass and strength. It's also given me the drive to continue down this path. 

I am an extrovert, who gets bored easily. The fact that I don’t have to think about what I am going to do in the gym today, knowing that someone else has planned out an ever changing schedule for me is key. I used to go through the paces in a traditional gym, and found it hard to stay motivated. Here, we come in, we get it done, and we get out. It’s a great set up. I also have a need for social interaction, as most of my business day is spent in phone and web meetings.  The sense of community here is fantastic!

Outside of work, I like to stay pretty active. Whether I am Dirt Biking, Air Chairing (behind the boat), Snow Biking, or Hiking in the mountains, I like to get out and do stuff! A lot of the “stuff” I like to do is physically taxing. Since coming on board with Garth and Crew, I have seen some significant changes in my cardio, my ability to dig my bike out of the bushes when I take a funny bounce and end up in the rhubarb (happens quite a bit!), and my balance.

Above and beyond the day to day benefits of the strength and skill work administered, the team is always eager to help modify the workout to suit my broken ribs, bruised ribs, broken leg… you get the idea. They are crafty, willing to adjust and because of it, I have been fortunate enough to rattle off some WODs with a cast on my leg!

The coaches keep me motivated and the people I work out with keep me excited to get up at 5am, when I am in town. The overall experience at this facility is one that you truly have to come and experience for yourself.

Thank you Homer!

So as you can see Homer leads a very active lifestyle and his work takes him out of town often. Battered or not Homer manages to make the time to continue his fitness journey, and make it a life long commitment to sustaining a great life.  It's absolutely awesome and I'm very proud to be your coach. I look forward to many years working together!

Coach Tshaun.