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Transformation Tuesday- Alesha Bradley


Please turn your attention to our Transformation Tuesday athlete this week Alesha Bradley.  Alesha has been a member since March 2015.

Alesha is a self employed registered massage therapist.  She’s been in the field since 2000.  Alesha is a wife and mom of two adorable little ones Kassydi age 12 and Addison age 9.  And I cannot forget to add Alesha’s running partner Ginger the beloved family Lab.

A few of Alesha’s active pastimes outside the gym are running, hiking and biking in the summer and Cross country/Downhill Skiing in the winter.  But one of her big passions is camping.  The family goes every chance they get.  I Believe this year they made it out an accumulative 39 days. 

One of the initial intrigues that brought Alesha to us was the group environment.  She was tired of the usual routine you’d see in a standard gym setting.  It wasn't challenging anymore and her motivation had fizzled.  Alesha was looking for a reset i guess you could say. 

Since starting a year and a half ago Alesha has dramatically changed her overall strength and conditioning.  All of which has improved not only her trail runs in Kal Park, particularly the famous switch backs, but has eliminated many aches and pains she had experienced before starting with me.  Having suffered a running injury, Alesha is so pleased to have overcome that with the increase in strength and flexibility.  Alesha had made a point in mentioning that she never before pushed herself like she does now and with that added push she has made the biggest gains.  Her time in the gym has also made a huge impact on the demanding physical strain of her career.  Alesha can overcome a busy day with no issue's.  

I can remember when we were going through our fundamentals together it was impossible for her to jump on a box. Didn’t matter what size the box was, It was that fear of not making it on the box and falling off.  Well despite how long it took she now has no issues whatsoever.  It was a very proud day!

I am very proud of how far Alesha has come and i enjoy seeing her confidence grow.

I look forward to what the future holds Alesha.  Keep on it girl!


Your Coach, Tshaun.