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Transformation Tuesday

Our instalment today shines light on a subtle fire-breather of an athlete and the changes he has made to improve his lifestyle and his athletic performance.  This is Brent Barker. 28463318346_c00dae6b3a_z Brent has established himself as a veteran around the gym and as a regular in the 6AM morning group with more energy than anyone. He is always after improvement whether it’s his golf game or his toes-to-bar.  Always striving for better he welcomes all coaching and feedback, both with his performance in the gym as well as individual nutrition coaching.  Oh, did I mention his wife and 2 kids come to the gym as well! The biggest change he has experienced is weight loss, losing around 30lbs+ and being able to keep that weight off in the long term.  With his goals to improve his performance in the gym, this has helped him reach other goals of becoming leaner and stronger as well as improving his flexibility with extra stretching routines. 27742317100_feb37df6d4_h   Taking control of his diet has allowed Brent to maintain a healthy lifestyle alongside his very consistent attendance at the gym.  Although one of his focuses is to lean out (lose weight) his energy is always level as account to a personalized nutrition plan and consistent exercise.  With some goals of improving performance in the gym, this needed to be looked at from more of a skilled point of view.  With lots of dedicated practice, his favourite movement changed from Deadlifts to Pull-Ups.  Also his least favourite movement from Double Under Skipping to Snatch (Brent also completed a workout last week consisting of 150 Double Unders!) Check out Brent linking some high quality Toes-to-Bar! Always a pleasure to coach Brent, keep up your hard work! Coach Terrence