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Transformation Tuesday Richard Pelletier

This week’s feature athlete focuses on Richard Pelletier.

Richard is a dedicated 6am’er.  He’s also the morning DJ and gets the class started off with rockin tunes.

Richard runs his own water treatment business, Clear Water Solutions.  It’s been going strong for 12 years now.


Richard has 2 teenage boys, 18 and 17.  Both coming back in September. His better half is also a member so it’s a fit family affair here at CrossFit North Okanagan.

Outside the gym you may see Richard tearin it up on his Harley, or cruising on his boat.  He’s looking to spend more time in the pool this winter while the toys are put away for the season.


I asked Rich what one of the main reasons for starting at the gym was and his response was:

He joined because the varied exercise kept him excited.  It was always new and different.

He’s having fun, plus the results he’s seeing and others close to him were noticing made all the hard work worth it.  It’s a big commitment to get in regularly at 6am.  But the gains he has made makes it that much easier.

Richard really enjoys the 6am class mostly due to the positive vibe of the people.  It’s a healthy competition between friends which keeps him motivated and pushing his fitness level. 


Richard’s greatest gains since starting has definitely been feeling less pain from old injuries and increasing his flexibility.  He’s stronger and moving so much better which has transferred to his job.  He undeniably feels a lot more confident hauling a 130lb water softener up a lengthy flight of stairs or bent over on his hands and knees crawling around underneath peoples homes.

No more sore back after a day’s work!

Richard was never really into fitness in the past and he wanted to point out he wishes he had of started this form of fitness years ago.  It has changed his life and he feels so much better for it.  Take it from Rich and get off your butts.  Life is too short!


  You're a cool cat in class bud and I’m very happy to be your coach!  Keep up your hard work and I look forward to many more years ahead.