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Transformation Tuesday

Today's instalment of Transformation Tuesday shines upon the big man, Sean Kershaw.  We’ll take a quick look at how his movement and mentality in the gym has changed over the last year. I reached out to Sean and asked him in his mind what his biggest changes have been since joining us at CrossFit North Okanagan.  He says, "I think the biggest transformation I've made is commitment. Before I came back to CFNO I got back into a really lazy slump and let myself go. When I finally came back 6 months later I decided to really make exercise a part of my daily life and wouldn't let any more excuses stand in the way. One year later my strength and stamina have easily increased ten fold!" 28022342615_fcc8bcc34d_o With Sean's improvements in strength and stamina (Fitness as we would call it!) we can largely associate this with simply listening to his coaches.  So the improvements he has made have been well correlated with just better movement, i.e. perfecting his Air Squat to improve his receiving position in the Clean and Snatch.  Some of the corrections are simple movement patterns, but a lot of it is extra stretching!  It is a very proud moment when you ask a client about the stretches you gave them to do at home for over a month and they confirm they have been doing them everyday! 1915014_10153229734686771_3396309530947530572_n But the biggest change as Sean said has been making exercise not only a part of his weekly schedule, but making it a priority.  Yes people have families, people work, people are busy.  It's understandable that sometimes you really are just too busy, but as we all know you will make time for what is a priority.  Sean has made our program a priority because he knows how important it is to maintain a healthy and balanced life so he can take his family on long hikes, play with his kids on the playground and on the field, and simply live a Great Life. Keep continuing with the dedication Sean! Coach Terrence