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Tips for shoveling snow..Getting the job done without getting injured

Guys.....its cold as bawlz out there today. It was -22C when i woke up this morning. I know I`m whining and complaining..but the African in me is dying inside just a little..

Anyway, it looks like we are expecting more of the white stuff this weekend...which brings me to my point...



Over the past 6 weeks or so, I have been hearing people talking about their shoveling injuries..

If you can get through the irony of taking shoveling-advise from the only African at the gym..then I`d like to share some tips for staying safe while trying to find new places to put all of this ridiculous snow....



Lift with your legs!!!

Its an age-old great strategy...and it works!!! 

Brace your core!

Stay tight! Keep those abs on to keep your back safe. 

Alternate arms

Treat it like a workout..alternate the arm that you are using to shovel, it will help you to avoid muscle-imbalances.

Shoulders back and down

Get yourself into a good posture when you do want to be strong in a healthy position, not with your shoulders up around your ears!!!

Treat it like a workout and have fun

Shoveling snow is a practical way to use your fitness outside of the gym! Get your heart rate up and treat it like a workout!


Anyhoo..hopefully this will all be over soon and we can move on to our glorious Okanagan summers...Stay safe folks!


Coach Viv