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Saving Life Tips to MAKE TIME for Fitness

The two biggest excuses people give for letting their fitness take a back seat..:

 I have been SOoo busy.....I dont have time.....Sigh.


People tend to accept their alleged lack of time or busy schedule as legit. That being said, If that is legit, then here are some tips......


 4. Batch Cook


Food prep inevitably takes up a lot of time—especially if you’re trying to eat healthy meals. If you have a family and you cook most nights, it makes sense that after work your mind is on what you’re going to make for dinner instead of on heading to the gym.


Solution: Batch cook 3 or 4 nights of meals in one day (or evening). This doesn’t mean you have to have the same dinner 4 nights in a row. If you’re dealing with something like ground beef, put together some meatballs, some burgers and some stuffed red peppers all in one go. Or make tons of burger patties and freeze some for later. Whatever you do, prioritize making enough food for at least 3 meals each time you cook. It will free up hours of time each week.


 3.Order Groceries Online

 Grocery shopping sucks!, Especially if you find yourself at the store during the busy evening hours, bumping into shopping carts and slow-walkers!!!.Ordering the bulk of your groceries online is so SIMPLE, FAST and EASY, you’ll never go back to those line-ups. Superstore online grocery services only require 24 hours notice, and you can pick up your groceries on the way home from the gym!



Pro-tip: Tell your spouse you are going grocery shopping, then hit the gym and pick up the groceries on the way home...not very guilt-free, but highly effective


 2.Order Pre-Made Meals

 There are tons of options these days for healthy pre-made meal services. Granted they’re not the most economical, but if you have the money, why not? If you currently go out for lunch most days, it won’t be any more expensive than that. And likely a lot healthier.



Another option is to purchase a pre-cooked roasted chicken from almost any grocery store..prepare some veg..and you`re done! 

 1.Work instead of twiddling your thumbs as you wait

 Modern technology means more and more people have at least some part of their job that’s portable. And most people also have moments of their day where they find themselves waiting for something or someone.Waiting for your dentist or physiotherapist who’s running 20 minutes late? Log 20 minutes of work instead of sitting there feeling bitter that you’re wasting time waiting.

Pro-tip: It is never a good idea to do this whilst stuck in`s just not going to end well...

 You’d be surprised how many little tasks—work tasks, online banking tasks etc etc..—you can take care of if you devote your usually-wasted waiting time each week to being a little more productive...

Pro-tip: Remove your guilty pleasures (aka social media) from your phone!!!


I know, I know, I probably sound like a patronizing parent when I say this, but Im going to say it anyway..... There are ALWAYS places in your life where you can make changes to save time that you can then devote to one of the most important things in life: YOUR HEALTH.


Coach Viv