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Terrence Limbert

When I was a child, my sister and I spent the summers at home, while our mom went out to work.

Cleverly - to keep us entertained and out of trouble - she gave us a daily “to do list” full of chores, but she also added something unique... 

Part of the list was random fitness challenges; 100 situps, 50 pushups, 100 lunges etc. It still amazes me that she was onto something back then and as a result helped us form good habits. We always looked forward to these mini exercise challenges - definitely preferring to do pushups over laundry! 

Fitness has always been a part of who I am at the core. It’s something I truly love doing.  

Sports have always been present in my life and ice hockey was always the top of my list. I played AAA from age 11-16 and moved towards Junior ‘B’ in the PIJHL and Junior ‘A’ in the BCHL until age 18.  

Aside from my passion for the game, I loved the preparation itself. ‘Dryland Conditioning’ including squats, bench presses, sled pushes, tire flips etc. made me feel powerful, alive and was tons of FUN!  

I was one of the few players who kept up an in-season strength program on my own, mainly because I loved being in the gym, but also because I knew it was a key factor in my development.  Many of my friends would ask for my help to teach them the movements I was doing so they could learn properly and get stronger. Guiding them came naturally to me and I was always excited to help.

Fast forward a few years, no longer playing hockey but still exercising and lifting weights, I eventually had a void that needed to be filled. Longing for community, camaraderie and some competitive drive, I connected with a coach and gym owner and started right away.  

Again, friends and fellow gym members approached me asking for help, whether it was correcting their squat form or giving them tips to achieve their first bodyweight pull-up. 

Organically my training methods evolved, I took on more coaching responsibilities, and things kept growing from there.  

I’ve always had the drive to help others be the best they can be. 

Which also means walking the talk, and holding myself to the highest standard to be a good role model and leader. I believe in ongoing investment in myself to maintain the highest level of practical and applicable knowledge so I can be the best coach for my clients.   

My top priority is your development.

Helping you reach a perfect blend of performance, health, and longevity.  

I apply this mindset to everyone I coach... 

Whether you’re in your 50’s trying to improve your golf game, or in your teens looking for peak performance in your sport, health, longevity, and performance are the goals we set out to reach.

I really love coaching and take care of my evening classes!