Team Sport Training

Forge Valley Fitness offers customized training for teams in all sports (13 years of age and over) with over 10 years experience working with professional athletes and minor league sports teams.  Our comprehensive program combines professional programming, coaching and focused nutrition planning for an encompassing experience and guaranteed results.

We utilize functional movement screen testing to identify any weaknesses and establish a baseline-training level to ensure both a safe and effective training program. Nutrition planning includes a comprehensive template on fueling for athletic performance with a focus in tournament nutrition and pre and post game nutrition.

We train our athletes with a General Physical Preparedness (GPP)approach, while tailoring and customizing their program to directly enhance their performance in their respective sports.  It may be an emphasis on strength, power and agility for Hockey players, jumping and shoulder health for Volleyball players, leg strength or balance and rotational stability for Skiers.  These are only a few examples of different types of athletes that we work with.

Each program is designed similarly at a basic level to aid all types of athletes in building strength, speed, stamina and endurance to enhance their performance in their sport.  As well as building stronger, more resilient athletes which significantly reduces any chance of injury.  With each sport requiring certain specific skills or adaptations, we customize the program to directly enhance the athletes' sport-specific skills; jumping, impact, skating etc.

We offer a free session for all teams to tour our facility, meet our coaches and create an understanding of how we run our program to enhance our athletes' performance and longevity in their sport.

Coach Terrence is the Leader of this program, check out his BIO HERE