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Surprise, Surprise: Kids Are Getting More Obese And Unhealthier, They Say.

As if you needed a study to tell you this, but an article published in February 2018 in the Journal Pediatrics says just this: Obesity rates among children are rising. What’s especially alarming is that the rise is happening to children between the ages of 2 and 5—especially since 2013.


Link to article: Click Here!


A few years ago, word on the street was that obesity rates in children in the United States had remained stable, and perhaps were even declining, but this new data (which looked at the years 2009-2016) proves otherwise.


Another alarming statistic: There are 10 times more obese children and teens today than 40 years ago!


What can you do as a parent to ensure your child doesnt go down this road, or to help him/her reverse his obesity if he is already on the wrong path? Heres the process we recommend:


Step 1: Eliminate Processed Foods


Go through your cupboards, pantry, freezer and eliminate all processed foods. If someone thing has more than 3 ingredients, it’s probably processed. Make a game of it and see how much crap you can get rid of!   I know this is a difficult thing to do.  Many kids are very picky with what they eat so turning to quick things are usually pre-packaged processed foods.  


Step 2: Change together


Embark on a new way of eating with the entire family. Go shopping together and educate your kids about the importance of eating whole foods—grown naturally in the environment—and get them excited about the prospect of eating healthy and being healthy.   The more you can expose your kids to healthy foods the more inclined they will be to want to eat healthy.  Children learn by example so it's up to us as parents to step up!  


Step 3: Cook together


Bring your kids into the kitchen and get them interested in cooking. When they know preparing food can be more exciting (and healthy) than throwing a pizza pop in the microwave, they’ll be more likely to choose healthy options even when you’re not around. Not only that, your palate changes as you’re exposed to different foods. Suddenly those pizza pops and other processed foods won’t even taste good anymore…  


Step 4: Fitness


It’s never too soon to get your kids into sports, or even hire them a fitness coach. At Forge Valley Fitness we train children as young as 8 years old. If sports and fitness are part of their lives from the age of 5, it’ll continue to be the norm by the time they’re teenagers and young adults. And even if they’re not ready to join the gym yet, maybe you are. We’re kid-friendly facility—a great place to raise kids—as they get brought up watching adults do burpees and run and lift weights. Fitness soon becomes all they know, and before you know it they’re joining in, too.


Step 5: Active Holiday


Take your new found fitness and use it the next time you go on a vacation. Instead of taking the family to sit on rides all day and eating cotton candy and corn dogs, consider a ski trip, or an overnight hiking-camping trip.   Get out and experience what Vernon has to offer.  There are sooo many activities around our beautiful town that are an hour away.  And that don't cost a ton of money either.  


Dont postpone any longer. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. For both you, and your children.