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Cindy Barker, Success Story

Cindy Barker

My fitness journey began in April of 2015. In efforts to avoid surgery, I was looking for something to help me recover from a shoulder injury and help me get excited about fitness again.

The training experience has been an amazing adventure that has not only made me physically stronger and have more energy, but I am also stronger mentally, more confident and a healthier, happier person all around.

Coach guidance, training, availability during class and one on one training sessions is one of the best parts for me. Shoulder modifications are made to ensure I'm being challenged in a safe environment which has resulted in me performing moves, such as Clean and Jerks, that I never thought were possible and I no longer require surgery. The coaches work with me and push me to be the best that I can be for success!

What I love most about training at Forge Valley Fitness is that everyone can do this and it's such a positive and supportive environment. It's the people that make it great!

I would definitely recommend Forge Valley Fitness to anyone looking for a place to have a sense of community, a functional fitness program and overall improving themselves.

Cindy Barker

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