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Are you curious to hear about what other people say about Forge Valley Fitness?

"I loved the idea of the community of the gym rather than being a nameless face at a typical larger gym, and the level of commitment of everyone."

This is something we hear frequently and are proud that we can provide this for our members.

When you become a member you join the family.  We support each other in workouts and life!

We don't see it as going to the gym, we see it as working out and having fun with friends.  We encourage and support each other so that nobody is left behind.

No more going it alone, at Forge Valley Fitness we push beyond our self imposed limits and get real results!

We teach you the right ways to get fit and believe in progress not perfection.

We teach constant learning and believe in the Mastery Curve philosophy for long term development to acheive desired goals.

But don't take it from us, see what our members have to say.