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"I loved the idea of the community of the gym rather than being a nameless face at a typical larger gym, and the level of commitment of everyone."

This is something we hear frequently and are proud that we can provide this for our members.

When you become a member you join the family.  We support each other in workouts and life!

We don't see it as going to the gym, we see it as working out and having fun with friends.  We encourage and support each other so that nobody is left behind.

No more going it alone, at Forge Valley Fitness we push beyond our self imposed limits and get real results!

We teach you the right ways to get fit and believe in progress, not perfection.

We teach constant learning and believe in the Mastery Curve philosophy for long term development to achieve desired goals.

But don't take it from us, see what our members have to say.

Christina Van Soest.jpg

In the begining, my family forced me into it…all they would talk about was their trips to the gym at dinner…. I noticed though that everyone was getting stronger more fit and really happy…so I bit the bullet and tried for myself…and have not looked back….and yes I now discuss my gym time at dinner too!

Christina Van Soest

"My endurance was pretty good but my upper body strength was almost non-existent. I have terrible ROM (range of motion) due to a bilateral shoulder reconstruction and failed wrist surgery that has left me with little ROM in both areas. My balance isn’t the best as I have lost a toe due to frostbite on a climb.  I wanted to work on these weaknesses."

April Sanders

"The progress in cardio endurance and strength gains that have transpired since she first started are something Karen is most proud.  Karen has always been a very active individual so when she started to experience this new found fitness and the effect it was making on the activities outside of the gym she was ecstatic."

Karen Watts

"One of the initial intrigues that brought Alesha to us was the group environment.  She was tired of the usual routine you’d see in a standard gym setting.  It wasn't challenging anymore and her motivation had fizzled."

Alesha Bradley


For Wes, exercising with mixed modal functional training has helped his snowboarding injury.  In January of 2016, Wes took a fall on his snowboard and twisted his knee quite severely. Now, he has range of motion and stability in his knee.

Wes Fitzimmons

Sabina Eschbach mountain bike vernon bc.

“My strength and endurance for mountain biking and road biking has improved, the ability to power up steep climbs without getting too fatigued, and my recovery time is quicker."

Sabina Eschbach

Don schuster vernon bc.jpg

Although Don's main reasons for being in the gym are simply health and wellness related, i.e.: living a great life!, It's great to have goals inside the gym as well.  With the focus of lifting heavier or more advanced movements in workouts, the focus of Don has shifted from getting stronger, to moving better and moving more consistently, particularly under fatigue.

Don Schuster

Tony Ettlinger.jpg

In the beginning Tony struggled with his mobility.  It restricted a lot of his ability to perform certain movements to get the full range of motion.  We addressed and worked around this with modifications and mobility homework

Tony Ettlinger

Gina Arsenault.jpg

Although my gains in the gym have lessened now that I no longer compete in sport, Crossfit helps me maintain a healthy level of fitness that is sustainable longterm. In addition, functional fitness has enabled me to strengthen the muscles that support a weak shoulder, a chronic injury sustained from former triathlon and MMA training.

Gina Arsenault


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