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We work with people that live in the Vernon BC area, and are looking to take back their life and get healthy but don't know where to start.  People who struggle with staying motivated and are looking for support and guidance.  People who want to learn to move safely and not hurt themselves while working on strengthening their muscles, increasing flexibility and continuing to maintain their independence.   

In this program, you will…

*Learn, restore and get proficient in functional movement patterns

*Increase strength, build endurance, regain balance, increase bone density and improve flexibility.

*Experience a fun, safe and inclusive community to help build confidence and get you fit for life.

*Movement specific warm-up,  strength focus, cardio workout and cool down.

Classes run Tuesday / Friday from 10:45am-11:45am.

Our coach will provide appropriate movement customizations for all individuals. We coach a basic movement first before introducing a more advanced movement. Our priority is to make sure you are safe, comfortable and become proficient in your technique of movements before introducing new dynamic ones.  Our coach works with and around injuries to help you get out of pain. 

And above all HAVE FUN doing it.

Contact Coach Trishauna if you are interested in signing up or learning more.

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