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Setting yourself up for success

Well we are starting a new strength cycle and finishing off the old one and some things have come forward that need to be addressed. As the current strength cycle is finishing up, the workouts associated with them will be shorter but more intense, while the wods on non-strength days will be longer. The next cycle will squat snatches, which require a lot of mobility and skill work! What this means is that it becomes increasingly important for you the athlete, the one that’s paying to get coached is prepared for what the 60 minutes of instruction has in store. This means it’s up to you to do something BEFORE class starts to set yourself up for success for the class. Lifting_Calendar_-_Snatch_-_May_2016 What am I talking about?



Yes we ask a lot of our clients, because we want them to have the best possible experience in every class. I understand people have limited time, busy schedules and I get that.   So I’ll lay out what the stages of minimum requirements are:
  1. If you have 5 minutes before class starts, row 1000m or run 800m or even practice skipping for the five minutes.
  2. If you have 7min before class row 1000m or run 800m and do the crossover shoulder activation.
  3. If you have 10+min row 1000m or run 800m, crossover activation, CFNO pre-warm up and mobility.
  4. If you show up just on time, do lots of extra light reps of the warm up exercises or of the skill practice warm up, or for the WOD, this will at least get your joints working and the blood flowing.
crossfit-north-okanagan-gym-29 Too many times people roll in just on time or late and right into class without any sort of physical movement. This is concerning to us coaches as we only have a limited amount of time to put you through a warm up, mobility and then the skill, strength and wod for the day. We ask a lot of you the client, because you ask a lot of us the service provider. We are trying to deliver on improving your fitness, your mobility and make it fun and sociable at the same time. For these reasons there has to be some pre-warm up done before the class starts. crossfit-north-okanagan-gym-10 Research and practical experience shows that getting at least 5 min of aerobic work before you do anything more strenuous physically will improve all measurable outputs. Most improved outputs happen at about 20min of aerobic work followed by another 10-15 minutes of general calisthenics and mobility work, BEFORE high intensity exercise! Not only will works improve, but recovery and joint health and ROM will improve. Now I realize time is precious and many will look to do the bare minimum, so please get here 5 minutes early and hop on the rower! Your body and future successes will thank you for it. crossfit-north-okanagan-gym-26 Here are some links for more articles on warming up