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Youth and Teen Fitness

Eagles, Falcons and Eaglets Fitness Programs

'Eagles' Program (ages 13-18)

Our goal is to help our young Vernon community become physically healthy and mentally confident young adults.

In Forge Valley Fitness' 'Eagles' Program (Teen Fitness), we teach teenagers proper body mechanics to safely use their bodies for efficient movement in any sport or physical activity.  They develop the skills and foundations to feel more confident and perform at the highest level in their respective sports.

This program is designed for both athletes and non-athletes alike to learn proper athletic development utilizing a broad range of skills and movements including jumping, handstands, running, climbing ropes, body weight exercises and basic resistance training.  We combine it all in a way to keep your kids engaged and entertained while teaching proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation. It’s important for us to pair fitness and fun to develop a lifelong love for health and fitness for the child.

Entry to the program starts with a 30-minute FREE Consultation to ensure the program is a proper fit for your teenager.  

The next step is a series of personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions to teach the fundamental exercises and ensure correct, safe and consistent movement patterns before joining the group environment.

The next series of the EAGLES program starts January 8th and runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3:30-4:30pm, Registration is ongoing

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'Falcons' (ages 9-12)

'Eaglets' (ages 6-8)

Starting with fundamental movement skills, this program incorporates basic human movements like squatting, pushing, pulling, hinging, rotation, jumping and landing all rolled up in a ton of FUN!

This program will prepare your child for sports, gym class and other recreational activities.

With the increase of screen time and lack of freedom to just play outside it's important for your kids to learn how to move their body safely. Learning to move appropriately is important to develop life long habits that will carry on to adulthood.  The younger your kids start, the more effective this will be.

Your kids will learn:

  • Physical literacy and proprioception
  • Nutrition basics
  • Injury prevention
  • Introductory movements and their progressions
  • The importance of physical play
  • Intro to the Ten fitness domains

Our next program is the Spring semester 2018

The next semester for Viv's Youth programs the Falcons and Eaglets will be starting in the New Year.

Falcons (9-12 yrs)

 Tues 3.30pm-4pm

Thur 4pm-4.30pm

 Cost: $248 + tax (20 classes)

Falcons start April 3rd and runs thru June 7th (10 weeks) 


 Eaglets (6-8 yrs)

 Thur 3.30- 4pm

 Cost: $124 + tax (10 classes)

Eaglets April 5th thru June 7th (10 weeks)

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