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We believe that exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health and fitness goals. The food you put into your body directly impacts your success, you literally are what you eat. We do not prescribe to fad diets, but we do recognize that there are many tools available for those looking to improve their health and wellness. While our general nutritional advice is straight forward, we understand that putting it into practice can be difficult.

The power of good coaching cannot be underestimated. The right coaches can take sports teams to championships, businesses to greater profit, and individuals to peak performance.

Our Nutrition Coaching Program uses a variety of methods to help its members achieve their goals by:

  • Establishing nutrition based goals
  • Develop tools to modify behaviors in order to achieve these goals
  • Develop methods to become self-reliant and gain confidence in your nutritional choices
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitment


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Our Nutrition Coaching Program is based off of Precision Nutrition principles using 'ProCoach'. Our goal is to educate you about correct nutritional choices and empower you to use what you have learned to break free from old habits and ideas. We embody what we preach and understand the difficulties in reaching optimal nutrition weather it be to lose weight, reduce your risk of disease or correctly fueling your body as an athlete.

A more aggressive option we have is called Metabolic Analytics developed by coach Charles R. Poliquin and his latest innovation in improving body composition rapidly, effectively and safely.

The advanced features offered by Metabolic Analytics include:

  • The ability to integrate lower body fat scores into a valid formula that accurately measures overall body fat. This is the FIRST and ONLY software to do this in the industry.
  • New and improved protocols.
  • Two new sites which identify the cause of fat gain more accurately.
  • A new measure of the efficiency of one’s androgen physiology.
  • A non-invasive measure of inflammation levels in the body.
  • An algorithmic formula that allows the practitioner to identify the system most responsible for fat gain.

Metabolic Analytics offers new developments and advantages that build on everything Coach Poliquin has been teaching to lead you to understand how fat gain results from mismanagement of one of these systems:

  • Insulin
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammation
  • Androgen

To identify which system is most disrupted. There can only be ONE priority. Find out which one and target your program accurately for rapid results.


New Partnership Announcement!

You’re a Forge Valley Fitness member, but we know that exercise is only part of the equation to reach your health and fitness goals.  And we want you to reach your goals!


That’s why we’ve teamed up with Faye Armstrong (Nutritionist) and Eric Williamson (Registered Dietitian) to create an exclusive nutrition package to complement your training.


We’ve built a system to ensure you get exactly what you need in terms of direction, accountability, support, and don’t pay for anything more.  We are looking for men and women, who are currently working out, and want to change their body composition and improve their athletic performance.  Is this you?!


You’ve probably been overwhelmed with the variation of advice, so we’ll make it easy for you.  Each week we’ll give you nutrition habits specifically designed to get you closer to your dream body.


You’ll start with an initial consultation call for us to discuss your goals, answer any questions, and learn more about you.  Then we’ll create your customized program and deliver it to you online.  Each week, you’ll give us an update about how it’s going and any questions you have.  Then we’ll adjust your plan/guidelines to keep you moving forward.  You’ll have follow-up calls every 6 weeks, and whenever they are needed.  This will ensure you’re always progressing towards your goal, plus, you’ll have support and accountability each and every week.


If you’re ready….let’s do this!  Our success is your success.  We’re here to make sure you kill it with your health and fitness goals!


Oh, and we offer a money-back guarantee on our services because we are so sure that you'll be satisfied with our coaching program. 

If you’re looking to change your body composition and improve your athletic performance…then you’d be a great fit.  To hear more about it, and discuss any obstacles that may stand in your way, book your free (and no obligation) initial consultation.  It can be via phone or Skype. 


Our Nutrition Package includes:

  • Simplified nutrition guidelines with lots of food variety
  • Individualized plan based on your unique goals, physiology & lifestyle
  • Weekly progress reporting, accountability & updates
  • Unlimited online questions & support
  • Weekly educational nutrition content for long-term sustainability

The cost is $35 per week.  We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment.  If you’re ready to start, we can have your first nutrition tasks ready for Monday!  Are you ready to get going?!


*insurance receipts available* 


We can’t wait to work with you!



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