What We Offer


Training Programs


At Forge Valley Fitness you won't find cardio or weight machines.

What you will find are pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells and open space for squatting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting and throwing – we want you to move your body the way it was designed to move.

This means that your workout will comprise of movements you perform on a daily basis or during sports -movements we call “functional”.

You would never bicep curl your child to pick them up, so why would you do it in the gym?

We focus on improving functional movements that are necessary and common in your daily activities.  When you pick your groceries off the ground you're doing a deadlift. When you put your bike on the car rack is a form of a press, when you go to the toilet that's a squat.

This also means that you will never get bored! With our constantly varied programming, you will rarely do the same workout. You'll never have to program your own workouts or spend hours in the gym. Instead, each day a new workout is posted for you that is scalable to suit your fitness level. Every workout is coached, we'll help you perform the day’s workout using progressions suitable for you.

Our fitness programming aims to improve your capacity in ten fitness domains: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Your result will be comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality.


Group Memberships

Unlimited group classes and open gym
Open communication with your coach for guidance towards your continued health and wellness
20-30 minute check-ins with your coach (scheduled bi-monthly - every other month)

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Teens [Eagles] (13-18 years old)

Teen Strength and Functional Fitness


Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training sessions with your Coach.


Golden Eagles 'Masters'

Designed with our 55+ crowd in mind


Team Sport Training

Forge Valley Fitness offers customized training for teams in all sports (13 years of age and over) with over 10 years experience working with professional athletes and minor league sports teams.


Nutrition Coaching


The First Step is that you're here. Now let me ask you:

- Are you confused about what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat?

- Have you tried a fad diet to get quick results but they never lasted?

- Do you feel groggy, lack daily energy or live off coffee?

- Do you have any digestive issues (like bloating, gas, etc.)?

- Do you feel like you cannot find a balance with the foods you enjoy and maintaining a healthy bodyweight?

- Do you want to improve your health, fitness goals and overall longevity?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above, then great - that's where Nutrition Coaching steps in!

My approach is a one on one nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

I am here to help you live your best life. Whether you’re a new parent or busy parent; budding athlete or professional athlete; fallen off the wagon or needing a whole new wagon; or maybe you’ve just tried every damn diet under the sun and you’re still not getting the results you want.

Our approach is to use science-based nutrition, personal experiences and professional knowledge to provide individualized coaching and advice to suit each client’s needs. For some, that might mean focusing on calorie consumption; for others, it might mean tracking macros. Or, it might simply mean learning more about what food helps us feel and look our best and help heal our gut!




We are currently offering the following Seminars:

Fertility/Pre-Conception (45 minutes)

This seminar we touch on the significant impacts on fertility and how to address these for those of you who are looking to get pregnant or having troubles getting pregnant.

We've work alongside Naturopath's and researched information for ways to improve your fertility and chances of conception.

We go over how specific hormones impact fertility, foods that enhance fertility, fitness modifications to ready your body for conception. We visit lifestyle changes based between nutrition, fitness, vitamins, minerals and supplementation, as well as digging a bit deeper into your medical history to find the right path to success.

Pre and Post Natal (1 hour 30 minutes)

This seminar are for women who are recently pregnant, throughout their pregnancy or new mom's looking for guidance in the following areas:

- Prenatal Nutrition (including vitamins, minerals, liquids and supplements)

- Prenatal lifestyle habits

- Prenatal fitness guidelines (modifications, the why's and how to's)

- Intra-Abdominal Pressure (the right way to control your breathing during lifting)

- Pelvic Floor pre and post natal work

- Breastfeeding benefits

- Postnatal Nutrition (including vitamins, minerals, liquids and supplements)

- Postnatal Fitness (realistic timelines, expectations and exercises to get you back into the gym)

If you're interested in finding out more or booking a seminar, please contact us below.