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Prescription for a GREAT Life #1

Many of you have seen our posts about what we are calling "The Prescription for a Great life". What we believe to be able to live a Great, Balanced, Healthy life there are a few things that you probably should be doing. Our prescription is as follows: #1 Do our code of fitness 2-3 days a week #2 Eat clean 90% of the time #3 Go out in Nature at least once a week #4 Play a sport once a week/Learn or try a new sport once a year #5 Go on an adventure once a year RX for a great life Today I wanted to talk about #1 Do our code of fitness 2-3 days a week. What this means is to come into the gym and do smartly programmed, functional movements at a medium to high intensity 2-3 days a week. Lets talk about 'smartly programmed, functional movements' first. intensity-equation In general, many gyms follow the 'constantly varied' (read random) prescription for workouts, this is great for new people that have no experience and just doing something will make them better, but typically after about 18 months their Pr's start to drop off and sometimes things will even go backwards.  When this happens it can be quite tough to maintain motivation, effort and therefore attendance, which then makes it really hard to continue improving your fitness for the long term! final-thrivestry-logo-1 Here we follow 6 week strength cycles where we focus on one lift, performing it 2-3 times per week, while supplementing in the other lifts to keep people in practice of them.  We focus on one for 6 weeks because over time we have found that many people's returns will diminish if they don't get the sufficent practice time and focus time for a particular lift.  The focus is there to make sure that everyone gets lots of Reps on the focus lift, even if they are sporadic visitors or only come on certain days.  In a 6 week period we will have about 14 designated lifting days for that one lift, and we will also usually do this lift as part of at least one other Metcon per week.  This sort of concentration ensures that you will get a lot of practice with this particular lift, and you can only get better and stronger with this sort of focus. funnymath This sort of focus will put you on the path of Mastery, whats that? It is defined here and simply is as follows: -comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. Or -control or superiority over someone or something To be good at something you need to practice it A LOT! masterycurve Ok we got that part right?  So what's with only coming 2-3 days a week?  OK, OK, yes that doesn't sound like much does it?  This means that for the majority of people that come to our gym or need our help the most, need to come at least 2-3 days a week.  These people are usually 30+ years old, have jobs, lives, kids, injuries, hobbies, etc. demanding they come more, would cut into other areas of their lives that help keep them in balance.  However there is a time and a place for increased attendance. 3d-health photo courtesy of CrossFit Impulse If you are able to handle the intensity, and volume of coming more, then do it. If you are able to recover from each session almost fully then come more often. If you are looking to improve your fitness quicker and have all your recovery protocols in place (mobility, nutrition, hydration, sleep, low stress) then come more often. If you are younger come more often.  If you have no injuries come more often, if you have nothing else in your life and this is your social time, then definitely come more often! :)  However, if you are feeling tired and sore all the time, getting limited sleep, struggling with injuries or nutrition or have a lot of work and life stress, then less is more.  I am a big believer that moving, even if for a short time or less intense time, EVERYDAY is very important, for so many reasons. WCABTMD2 photo courtesy of CrossFit Impulse Many people like the routine of getting up and going to the gym everyday, or getting off work and going to unwind at the gym everyday, Great! Keep doing that!  Just consider modulating your intensity to have one or two lighter days where you might do the class warmup and then spend time on your mobility or practicing a particular weakness. Your #coachforlife can help you with these plans. fitnessbubble Also, understand that you want to be able to continue doing this for the rest of your life!  If you go too hard, burnout, get injured and bored, then what?  You need to get fit for life, not just for now or in 6 weeks, FOR LIFE. So there you have it, the why and how for our code for fitness 2-3 days a week the first step in the Prescription for a Great Life Coach Cooke