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Prescription for a Great Life Part 3 .

This week I would like to talk about 3&4 for the RX for a Great Life.

They are:

#3 Play a sport at least once a week. Try a new sport once a year.

#4 Get out in nature at least once a week.

I’m combining number 3 and 4 because I think they are pretty closely related and both are very important to living a Great Life!

Why is playing a sport important?

Well, getting out in the community playing a sport or being active in an outdoor sport has been shown over and over to help with mental health, stress relief and in fact will help you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

What does play a sport mean? Well, anything that you are moving your body around while doing it could be construed as a sport. Skating, skiing, running, biking, hiking, dancing, curling, soccer, volleyball, squash, horseback riding, climbing and swimming are all sports.

Why do I have to try a new sport once a year?

The mind is wired for movement, when you stop learning new movements your brain stops growing and making new neurological connections within it. Coordination, balance and accuracy are also part of the ten elements of physical fitness as defined by CrossFit. If you were learning a new sport you would be, by definition working on those elements that many people struggle with as they age. As an example this year Tina and I took dance lessons at City Dance just down the street from the gym. Now we aren’t horrible dancers but just wanted to learn to be a bit smoother and try something new! (have you seen a Gorilla dance?) It was pretty fun and we got better!


You can combine playing a sport and getting out in nature once a week by playing an outdoor sport like mountain biking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, running in a park, playing soccer outside, and hiking. If your sport is hockey as an example, find a pickup hockey league and play once a week, or find an outdoor game at the local ski hill.


We live in the Okanagan! The options for outdoor activities are pretty much unlimited! Get out there and express your fitness, you have been working your butt off in the gym, go show it off!

Your mind, soul, happiness and fitness will benefit from it!