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What is Forge Valley Fitness?

Are you a bootcamp? Are you circuit training? Are you CrossFit?

Forge Valley Fitness is a gym that utilizes a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) approach to fitness and training, moulded by our own Unique Belief of Fitness (UBF). We focus on training for longevity and we recognize that in order to become our best selves, fitness needs to be sustainable, enjoyable, and programmed in a way that will give you great results without burning you out.

We also believe that many people need a semi or fully customized approach to their exercise program, but more on that later.

The role of a GPP focused program like that of Forge Valley Fitness will be devoted to the general development of the 10 General Physical Skills; strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Improving all of these skills, and combining these skills in many different variations will produce a high level of work capacity; the ability to perform real physical work, like carrying your groceries or kids up the stairs, moving furniture, going for a hike, etc.

Our Unique Belief of Fitness places a priority on strength, flexibility and endurance which we believe provides the greatest return towards longevity. We believe that you need to be both strong and flexible enough to keep doing all the things you want to do, and you need to have the cardiovascular endurance to both support your strength as well as maintain healthy lungs and a healthy heart. This equals : functionally appropriate movement, performed at varying intensities, with controlled variance in movement selection.

Aside from our belief in fitness, the correlating factors that lead us to prioritize strength, flexibility and endurance (cardiovascular) are the amount of hip, low back, shoulder and other various musculoskeletal pains and dysfunctions in Canadian society, as well as Heart Disease being the 2nd highest cause of death in Canada (1).

(2) In Canada, the cost of medical expenditures alone for low back pain are estimated between $6 and $12 billion annually with additional costs associated with the impact on society due to the loss in worker productivity from time off work and the associated disability payments.

With the combination of a GPP program and our belief in fitness, it develops a broad foundation for the inclusion of activities, sports or otherwise and their specific demand. While some may not see the benefit of doing certain movements in a gym because they do not directly correlate to their activity or sport of choice, it is extremely beneficial. Using a GPP based protocol creates a greater baseline of strength and fitness (read: work capacity) which can allow for greater performance and advancement in each persons respective activity or sport.

With that being said, some people need a little more than our standard GPP program if they have more specific goals and needs. For example, someone who lacks significant shoulder flexibility and truly wants to improve it, will need more exercises specifically prescribed for their limitations. The same can be said for someone who wants to be a high performer in a specific sport or activity, where we may need to prescribe a different movement selection or some add workouts with some level of specificity into their training to better prepare them. Example; to perform highly in Jiu Jitsu one needs an overall level of strength and fitness, but to excel will need great grip strength, stability and rotational core strength and power (aside from much of necessary skills of course).

As stated above, the purpose of our GPP program will be developing the 10 General Physical Skills, resulting in a high level of work capacity. Work capacity is often overlooked in many training programs, specifically ones that always separate cardiovascular endurance from strength training. This typically would look like starting with 20-30 minutes of low intensity running or cycling, followed by 20-40 minutes of weight training. Now don't get me wrong, it's ok to have those things isolated - sometimes - but they need to be combined to create actual work capacity, which is the secret to longevity.

So, what is Forge Valley Fitness? We're a gym, but SO MUCH MORE. We understand that your workouts aren't really about hitting new personal records on your squats, they're about giving you the ability to do anything you want to do outside of the gym. We will assign you a coach to help manage your health, wellness and fitness far beyond the walls of our gym. We will help improve your quality of life, getting you doing things now that you haven't done in 5, 10 or 20 years, and will keep you doing them for another 20+ years. We will be the best thing that has happened to your health.

If you need to make a change, hit the button below and let's talk.

(1) https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/heart-disease-canada.html

(2) http://boneandjointcanada.com/low-back-pain/

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