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Sports for Exercise vs. Training for Health

There is a very big difference between training for functionality/health and playing sports for exercise/fun.

"I get plenty of exercise! I play volleyball once a week and play hockey twice a week."

"I drop in to soccer and play racquetball every week."

"I play softball 3 times a week! It keeps me active."

We've all heard it before, get moving, get outside, move your body. Now there is a BIG difference between getting out and moving your body and coming to a gym like Forge, and training. Whether your moving is hiking a few times a week or you play in a softball league, it is vastly different than what happens in our gym, and you should read why.

Notice I said 'training', not 'working out'. I would argue given the correct context, 'working out' would relate to elevating your heart rate, increasing your breathing rate and sweating a bit - which is GREAT!

Now 'training' would imply that you are coming to accomplish something, learn something, BE BETTER than you were when you came in. Think of it like a practice (hockey, football, soccer etc.). Sure it is a workout, but is that why people are there? No. They are there to get better, and they still do get a workout, AND have fun!

That is what we do at Forge Valley Fitness. We train you every time you walk in the doors. The training sessions you do, will give you everything you want from a workout and more. Not only will you experience the benefits of increased activity, but you will be making your body seriously better overall. You will learn and improve correct movement patterns, continually challenge all aspects of your fitness, and improve all of your biological health markers. Not to mention you are there within a community - a group of like minded people with a common goal. Health, fitness, longevity. People are warm and welcoming, ultimately supportive and always have a good time. All you need to do is just show up.

Now don't get the wrong idea that I feel that there is no place for sport, because there ABSOLUTELY is, especially in this beautiful city of Vernon. We encourage all of our members to go out, utilize and explore the new level of fitness that they have. Many of our members continue training with us because they see how invaluable it is, and how it empowers their performance in any task or activity they choose. They can see that each year they are slowing down on their mountain bikes, taking more breaks on the ski hill, are more hesitant to try new things - but with the right training, it is the fountain of youth.

Just don't expect to maintain shoulder mobility and health by playing hockey and skiing. Or eliminate back pain by playing softball or curling. Or become more flexible by running.

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