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  • Trishauna Schneider

Self Sabotaging Weight Loss

There are many different ways to self sabotage our weight loss efforts. And whether we like it or not, we’re all creatures of habit. The hard part is muscling through the beginning stages of change to get into a healthy and sustainable routine.

Change is tough because it's slow. When we’re making gradual changes to develop long-term healthy habits, it can be extremely disappointing to not see quick results that show our diligent efforts. Change means going against everything that you currently do and are comfortable with. It can and is a scary thing to deal with. When we make our beds in the morning or get dressed, these are simple daily habits we do without any thought. But when we think about our nutrition, exercise and getting enough sleep every night, this is considerably more challenging and takes more effort.

Now some of us cope with change more easily than others, which is partially why various weight loss programs work for some and not others. If you perform best with minimal change, try implementing one new healthy behavior at a time. Practice and integrate it into daily life until it’s ingrained as a habit you don't even think about. Once you’ve got that down, start on your next healthy behavior. Before you know it you’ll be sleeping better, moving more and losing the weight.

Fear of failure may be one of the biggest mental barriers impacting weight loss efforts. All of us at some point have attempted something new in life and failed. I know I have, numerous times. However, if you’ve had a success with weight loss and then put the weight back on — or gained more — you know it’s a disappointment unlike any other. It’s often the fear of failure coupled with an “all-or-none” mentality which can make make weight loss feel so daunting that it prevents any future attempt to get healthy.  I've experienced this many times and was almost ready to give up. So....

If this fear of failure resonates with you, a method that has worked for some is choosing one area in your life that you are good at and makes you feel happy with yourself. Focusing on these small daily feel good achievements will lead into a domino effect to conquer additional healthy habits in your weight loss journey.

Coach Trishauna


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