Do you love eating?

Have you ever thought that going to class is a lot like meeting friends at a restaurant?

(but it is actually cheaper when you do the math)

How much money do you spend on unnecessary things?

What kind of restaurant are we?

Our programming is served up ‘family style’. If you have sat a large family table with lots of food or been to a restaurant that serves food this way, you know what I am talking about.

Everyone is eating the same meal, but there are a dozen different options of what to eat. Each person gets to choose what they eat and how much.

When you were a child, your parents helped you decide what to eat. If you are in a foreign land, your server (or a friend who is a local) may do the same thing. They will make sure you get the good stuff, without only filling up on the stuff you love, in lieu of trying something new or eating the things that are good for you.

Our programming is like a family style dinner...

This is also how class programming is customized to you.

The programming creates the menu.

The coaches prepare the food, set the table, and help you fill your plate.

You are the one who gets to eat the meal.

The Menu

The programming is designed to get all of the important ingredients mixed in the correct amounts, for a diverse amount of tastes, presented with the right amount of ‘courses’. It needs to have the basics, ‘seasoning’ extras for customization, some ‘vegetables’ to keep it healthy, and some ‘sweets’ for dessert.

The Server

The coaches create the experience. They ‘prepare’ the food on the menu and make sure that the recipes are followed. They serve it up on the table for everyone to enjoy.

The coaches also determine what things you should put on your plate, and in what amounts (as well as makes sure you ‘mind your manners’… ‘manners’ here would be not hurting yourself in addition to being a good classmate).

Ask your coach whats right for you!

The Meal

You are the one who gets to eat the meal.

It is up to you to talk to your coach about what your needs are, then eat everything that is on your plate.

Some days the plate will be full of everything you love.

Other days, it will have a few things that you don’t like (but your coach knows that are good for you).

Ultimately, YOU must show up and work with your coaches to determine how to fill your plate. 

YOU must show up and finish your plate.

YOU need to ‘eat your vegetables’ and not only indulge in the things that are tasty to you.

Cafeterias, Buffets, and Eating Alone

Too many people treat classes like a cafeteria.

They ‘get in line’ and just take each thing that is thrown on their tray (whether they wanted it or not). They may eat most of it, but most of the time they’d rather go hungry than consume the stuff they need (they do the things they are supposed to half-heartedly at best).

People training on their own and only doing ‘Open Gym’ tend to train like they are at a buffet.

A coach and a well thought out plan will help you balance your 'meal' aka training

They are like unsupervised kids at the all-you-can-eat buffet. They eat one slice of pizza and go back to the soft serve machine 3 times to see how many sprinkles and hot fudge they can fit in a bowl. 

They look up a workout that ‘looked cool’ online or one that they would be good at. There is no thought to their training day to day. There is no balance between what is tasty and what is healthy.

Then there are people who think that they need a ‘different workout’. They want to eat alone.

I will preface this by saying that there is nothing wrong with following a special program designed by your coach with your goals in mind. But you must remember that following a program alone, like ‘eating alone’, is usually more expensive, and not to mention LONELY. You will miss the ‘family’ feel that folks get when sitting down for a meal together.

It is also important to make sure you are getting the program from an experienced coach (and not just a ‘fast food’ version: something you found online because it was cheap).

maybe a bit more meat than this picture, but you get the idea!

Enjoy the company. Embrace the ‘vegetables’. Earn your dessert.

The next time you are coming to class, make sure you have invited some friends to meet you there (or confirmed they are going to make it).

Load your plate with the healthy stuff you know you need, and then finish every morsel.

THEN indulge in the desserts… if you still have ‘room’.

Thrive on.


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