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Change your Body Composition through Metabolic Analytics

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Why is it that when you lose weight, you feel your face and legs lean up, but you still find yourself with that ring of chub around your belly?

Or when you gain weight, it always goes directly to your thighs?

It could be that your hormones aren’t balanced and it’s causing you to store fat in specific areas of your body.

There might be a solution: It’s called Metabolic Analytics from Charles Poliquin.

Metabolic Analytics is essentially a way to target fat loss on a specific area of the body by addressing hormonal imbalances that are contributing to fat storage in particular places, like the gut or the thighs. An individualized hormonal approach to health and nutrition based on nearly four decades of research by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, metabolic analytics is also an incredibly accurate way to measure your body fat percentage. (Read more here:

Poliquin’s research suggests when you figure out a person’s hormonal, lifestyle and nutritional profile—including their nutritional deficits, needs and food sensitivities—you can then create a useful personalized solution to effectively change their body composition.  This is all part of your personal training sessions with your Coach for Life!

The full test includes a calliper test of your current body composition—essentially a pinch test that gives you your ratio of lean muscle to body fat—as well as an analysis of your sleep patterns, nutrition, digestion and exercise habits. Hormones are also addressed by looking at various hormones, including insulin and growth hormone, as well as your thyroid function.

Once the latter is determined, you’ll have a better idea of what foods and supplements your body requires to address your body’s needs, as well as your performance and body composition goals.

4 Ways Metabolic Analysis Can Help You and Your Health

1. Measurable Achievements

Regular BioPrint tests allows you to track your results continuously. It will provide you data in terms of what’s working and what’s not, which will allow you to tweak accordingly and constantly move in the direction of better health.

2. Achieve the Body you Want

Whether you want to gain muscle mass or lose fat, the personalized approach is going to be more effective than any fad diet you jump on and off.

3. Hormonal Health

 It will help you address your hormonal imbalances, which can have devastating long term effects on your health if they’re not fixed. A body with balanced hormones is a healthy and happy body.

4. Small Wins

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re trying to make changes because results can sometimes feel so slow you barely detect them. Regular Metabolic

Analytic tests will provide you with data that detects even the small wins along the way, which goes a long way both in keeping your spirits up and keeping you motivated to continue to improve your health and well-being.

Did you know that Forge Valley Fitness's Head Coach and Owner Garth is certified in this testing protocol?

And we carry most of the supplements for the common protocols.

If you would like to get tested contact Garth for a FREE assessment.

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