Nutrition Coaching Program

The First Step is that you're here. Now let me ask you:

- Are you looking to improve your health, performance and overall longevity?

- Would you like help with figuring out what, how, and when to eat?

- You want to support your goals, improve your health or your longevity?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above, then great - that's what I'm here to help you with.

Regardless of what you eat, you are going to benefit from coming into the gym. But you are working really hard at the gym and in order to reap the benefits of all that hard work, you need to think about your nutrition. What you put into your body is fundamental to your overall health and development as a fitness-goer.

Good nutrition is important to support muscle growth and a healthy body composition. But for many people, a focus on eating enough protein and watching calories is not enough. And proper nutrition can have many benefits beyond supporting you in building muscle and/or losing weight. Good nutrition will improve your aerobic capacity, reduce achy joints, help recover you faster from a hard workout or an injury, improve your mood and energy levels, and help you sleep better - overall, leading a healthier lifestyle.

As a starting point, focusing on the fundamentals of “eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”

Sounds easy enough, but it isn’t always so cut and dry. Some of us may have hormone issues, food sensitivities or allergies, digestive/gut or liver issues, or nutrient imbalance and it may be necessary to dig a little deeper to optimize your nutrition. Just as we sometimes need to modify or scale a workout, it may be necessary to take a personalized, or bio-individual approach to nutrition.

I am sure you have heard, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. But on the flip side, our nutritional choices are a powerful tool to help us achieve our goals in and outside of the gym.

- Coach Bonnie


What my Nutrition Program is about

This pyramid says it all. Ultimately, nutrition plays a critical role in our overall health.

Our nutrition program is not an all-or-nothing approach and is not about quick short-term changes; combining coaching and ongoing accountability to create behaviour changes and habits that help support your long-term health & fitness goals.

There are no shortcuts, quick fixes, magic diets or special products here. Instead, you get an incredible support system and resources to help you live healthier and happier, and achieve your personal goals. We will uncover your relationship with food and your body, dig deep to unravel the “why” behind your goals, aspirations and motivation. We will set out an actionable plan towards your happiest, healthiest life.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to personalizing each and every program. I care about your health and overall lifestyle, and I take that extra step in our processes to ensure you’re getting the specialized plan, support and guidance that you need. The services take into account your health and performance goals, medical history, current medications, activity levels, schedule, sleep, stress levels, hormones and other behaviors, practices and obligations.

My experience has been with beginners who need guidance in understanding what a well-balanced lifestyle looks like, people with digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and other food related issues, performance goal-oriented clients, elite athletes and those who are looking to better their energy, sleep, healthy and body composition.

All services offered are built specifically for the individual and their needs.

If you are struggling or your diet isn’t working, or maybe just need a little guidance, please send me an email or come talk to me in the gym!

- Coach Bonnie


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